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Phi Beta Delta

Phi Beta Delta

Phi Beta Delta is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education. Phi Beta Delta was founded at California State University, Long Beach in 1986. As of December of 2007, over 200 chapters have been chartered.

Washburn's chapter, Beta Phi, was initiated in 1993.  It includes the following active members.

Judy McConnell-Farmer (President)
Michael Stoica (President-Elect)
Bassima Schbley (Past President)
Shiao-li Ding (Secretary)
Nora Clark (Treasurer)

Baili Zhang (Campus Coordinator)
Bob Beatty (former president)
Bobbie Anderson
Alan Bearman
Bob Boncella
Shirley Dinkel
Linda Elrod
Alex Glashausser
Miguel Gonzalez-Abellas
Cynthia Hornberger
John Hunter
Norma Juma
Mark Kaufman
Gabi Lunte
Nancy Maxwell
Brian Ogawa,
Tom Prasch
Maria Stover
Tom Schmiedeler
Russ Smith
Heidi Staerkel
Courtney Sullivan
Wenying Sun
Iris Wilkerson
Alice Young
Margaret Wood
Sheldon Peng
Randy Pembrook
Azyz Sharafy
Bill Rich
Phyllis Berry
Tina Williams
Carolyn Szafran
Anne Collins
Sophie Delahaye
Sangyoub Park
Tom Romig
Kimberly Harrison
Liviu Florea
Jim Smith
Kimberly Harrison