International Student & Scholar Services


For new students applying to Washburn:

After submitting your on-line international application, you will also need to submit the following:

For current F-1 students at Washburn:

Change of Status – these forms explain the process of applying to the USCIS for a change to your current Immigration status from:

Concurrent Enrollment Form – for students who are taking courses at WU and another U.S. university at the same time 

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is an immigration benefit for eligible F-1 students who are planning to participate in an off-campus internship.  Both of the forms below are required to complete.

Diploma Mailing Address Form
for graduating students who wish to have the Office of International Programs mail their diploma to their home country address by FedEx.  The mailing fee is $50.

Health Insurance Waiver Request Form – for students who already have a health insurance policy equal to Washburn’s and want to apply for a waiver of the Washburn policy.

Non-Inclusion Waiver Form - for students who have completed some university credit in their home country but do not wish to transfer any of this credit to Washburn.

Off-Campus Employment Based on Severe Economic Hardship – for students experiencing financial difficulty due to circumstances beyond their control

Optional Practical Training (OPT) - Immigration benefit available to qualified F-1 students which allows them to gain practical experience in their field of study before (Pre-Completion OPT) or after (Post-Completion OPT) graduation.

Payment Options at Washburn - Please click on this link to learn more about payment options for tuition and on-campus housing, including more information about Flywire, for international bank/wire transfers.

Program Extension Request Form – for students who are requesting an extension of the end date of their current Form I-20

Reduced Course Load Request Form – for students requesting to enroll in less than a full-time course load during the current semester

Reinstatement – for students who have failed to maintain their F-1 status and want to apply to the US CIS to regain their F-1 status

Transfer Out Online Form – for current WU international students who wish to transfer out to another U.S. university.  Please also submit a copy of your acceptance letter to the new university to the Office of International Programs.