International Summer Institute


"I was in Washburn University during a summer vacation. We could meet many friends while we were there. Also, we could learn America culture by visiting many places. At first, I was a little bit afraid because of cultural differences but Lauren, Katelyn and Kenzo who were our assistants helped us to adapt in America. They also helped our homework and always stood by to help us anytime. I am extremely grateful to them. Other memorable thing was that we could use Washburn University facilities anytime. The most I loved place was the gym because there was big and free for students. Last one that is memorable thing was teachers. They always be nice to us and when we did mistake, they understood us and taught us that it is not appropriate. Staying in Washburn University during a summer vacation was really good experience to me.”

- Jisuk Park, Hallym University Exchange Student

“I enjoyed a very happy time in WU during summer camp. I loved everything! Some of my favorite things were class, fieldtrip and homestay! I could learn American culture and history in WU class and have an understanding of culture differences between America and Korea. Also, while I did various activities in class, I could improve my English skills. It was very thankful class for me. Next, during trip in Kansas city, I saw many beautiful things including ranch and capitol. Also, I enjoyed fun time in Worlds of Fun and baseball stadium. It was very important time to learn American characteristic directly! Last, one of my favorite things was homestay. My homestay family was Ken & Lynda. They were very kind! I had a very fun time with them. For example, playing the piano, listening music, fishing, swimming and going lots of beautiful places, and so on. I did many things. I could experience USA home culture and see house structure. It was interesting for me. They also gave me many gifts and letter. I never forget them,, I always thank them.. I really loved everything in WU during that session. I liked dormitory, campus, many programs and lots of things. Maybe, I will miss this summer camp everyday. If I have chance, I wanna come here again!”

- JaeHyung Jin, Hallym University Exchange Student

“I really enjoyed summer camp with all my friends and the awesome leaders of the camp. I took the summer class at Washburn University, and learned about the United State's culture. For instance I’ve learned about the drastic tornado storms. Also, I learned a lot of casual phrases, like “Seriously?”, “Really?”, and ”What’s up?”. Plus, I learned several idioms such “It’s raining cats and dogs.”, “You lost your marble.”, and “Actions speak louder than words.” Another thing, I have learned about is America is a peaceful place for international students. One hard thing I had to accomplish is adapting to English language, and I can almost understand English in different accent. One culture shock that came to my understanding in camp is America is very social, and where I come from “Silence is golden”. And, I have recognize everyone are very helpful, and always cheerful. Thanks to the staff, friends, and helpful classmates the Washburn University summer camp was so fun, and a great experience. I feel like I was able to grow in this short amount of time. Thank you trillions!”

 - Miku Yasuda, Japan

"This summer I participated in the International Summer Institute at Washburn University with 18 Japanese people for about 2 months. These days were exciting and became a good experience. All of them are going to college from this fall semester, so after this program we have to said good bye. It was hard for us. During this summer, we went to the capital building, Kansas City and Asian market. Also we did homestay. This was almost all the students first time to come to America, so when we were just arrived, we were nervous, but in Washburn, there are many friendly and kind people. Therefore we got comfortable at once. It was owed to the great Kansas people."

- Sayaka Kine, Japan