Photo Essay 2013

Lexi Lemons

Lexi Lemons


Thankful, Inspired, & Ready For More

I want to start off this essay by saying thank you.  Thank you to my professors who set up this trip, thank you to everyone that donated money allowing us to go on this trip; International house and others who donated to the art students, and just a thank you in general. Not just a thank you from me but a thank you for giving everyone a chance to travel and Study Abroad.  This is not an everyday experience and we are a very lucky few who got to experience it and I am proud to say that, but most of all I am thankful.

This trip has touched my heart in ways that only Study Abroad could. Meeting the local Maltese showed me a little glimpse into the lives of the daily Maltese while at the same time they gave me small glimpses into their past. Into the rich cultural history of their beautiful home that is Malta. Being able to see that, after the island had been concurred and taken over by so many different leaders, it never completely wiped out the last, instead they built on each other giving you an absolutely unique Malta experience. Out of everything that I saw the people are who reached my heart the most. So happy and friendly, so willing to help out someone who was lost or just say hello, smile and wave as you pass each other by.  I strive to bring that same Maltese kindness home and try to spread that here in Kansas. A little piece of Malta has come home with me, and I plan to keep it alive.

When will I travel again? This is the question that has lingered in the back of my mind and has been on the tip of most people’s tongues when I tell them about my trip. The answer is, I’m ready. This may not make perfect sense as an answer but it’s my answer. I’m ready. I’m ready to travel at the first chance I get, I’m on fire for the opportunity to travel and learn and grow from the experiences that I encounter from those trips; I even hope to spend a semester abroad before I graduate. I am ready to show people how Study Abroad can change your life, and how even a short trip can be something you carry with you for the rest of your life and can share with anyone. The bonds that you make with the people you traveled with will always be there and you will always have that trip it is not something that can be taken from you. Thank you.


Image 1

Group of my fellow students hear about the Cathedral we had just exited. St. John's Co-Cathedral. Valletta Malta.


Image 2

Students taking in the scenery of the capital city Valletta.


Image 3

A fisherman standing on the waterfront of an outdoor eatery in Marsaxxlokk.(pronounced Marsa shlock)


Image 4

The beautiful Blue Window on the island of Gozo, sister island to Malta.


Image 5

A local Maltese man with our beloved Ichabod on our day long boating and swimming excursion.