Photo Essay 2014

Meaghan Hartley

Meaghan Hartley


Washburn University Music in Russia Experience

During the 2015 Music In Russia summer class, students were able to experience several important aspects of music performance and education within three different cities in Russia. I chose to go on this trip because I wanted to gain more knowledge and sensitivity towards people in music, since I am studying to go into the field of music therapy and also to teach a studio of young clarinetists. The experiences in St. Petersburg included a tour of the V.V. Andriev Children's School of Music followed by a concert performed by the children attending the school. Another experience that was personally beneficial was the privilege to go to a music therapy clinic followed by a music store. Performances that we heard and saw included Mahler 8 at the Mariinsky Theater, The ballet, Swan Lake, at the Alexandrinsky Theater, and also a rehearsal with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. Experiences in Petrozavodsk included a tour of the children's music school, the mid-level school, and the conservatory for college level music students. Performances that we heard and saw included the Petrodavodsk Philharmonic and a three-person ensemble of Russian Orthodox chant. Experiences in Moscow included a tour of the Bolshoi Theater and a tour of the Tchaikovsky museum. Performances that we heard and saw included a service at the Christ the Redeemer Church, a concert of Russian acapella singers, and a Tchaikovsky opera titled Eugene Onegin. While the United States has many great opportunities for musicians, Russia provides more drive for music students through free school, early musical development training, and many musical career opportunities. The Music in Russia course and the experience of traveling to Russia was eye-opening. The trip showed me that I can do everything I can to share a quality music education to my clarinet students. I am so happy that the study abroad program was able to help me along the way. Being able to see how music is taught in other countries has made my music degree much more valuable. I highly recommend the study abroad option for other students because it is a wonderful way to enrich one's life and education.


Washburn students in front of the Peterhof Summer Palace in St. Petersburg on May 27, 2015. (From left to right: St. Petersburg tour guide Svetlana Bezruchenko, Jillian Kincaid, Melanie McQuere, Meaghan Hartley, Gordon McQuere, Andrew Anderson, Krystal Harry, Drake Sackrider.)

Washburn students with our St. Petersburg tour guide in front of the Neva river. (From left to right: Meaghan Hartley, Krystal Harry, Svetlana Bezruchenko, Andrew Anderson, Jillian Kincaid, Drake Sackrider.)

Washburn students in front of the winter church at Kiji Island on May 29, 2015. (From left to right: Valeriya Kanaeva, Jillian Kincaid, Meaghan Hartley.)

Washburn students in front of St. Basil's Cathedral at Red Square in Moscow. (From left to right: Valeriya Kanaeva, Gordon McQuere, Melanie McQuere, Krystal Harry, Andrew Anderson, Jillian Kincaid, Dmitri Nizovtsev, Meaghan Hartley, Drake Sackrider.)

Washburn students preparing to listen to Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 8, performed by the Mariinsky chorus, children's chorus, and orchestra on May 25, 2015. (From left to right: Melanie McQuere, Jillian Kincaid, Krystal Harry, Drake Sackrider, Gordon McQuere, Meaghan Hartley.)

Washburn students eating dinner while taking a midnight boat ride on the Neva river on May 25, 2015. (From left to right: Jillian Kincaid, Meaghan Hartley, Krystal Harry, Drake Sackrider, Andrew Anderson.)