Photo Essay 2016

Sarah Press

self portrait


The World through a Lens

The Adventure Begins:
Seven Washburn Business students including myself were grouped with six students from UC-Leuven, a University in Belgium. We participated in first-hand business experiences in an international setting. During the 2016 spring semester, our group worked with two companies, Hill’s Pet Nutrition based here in Topeka, Kansas and Ace Packaging based in Belgium. Each business gave us the assignment of assisting them to come up with better marketing strategies. Our group participated in brainstorming activities to create solutions for the companies. Both projects consisted of a thorough analysis of each problem along with our explanations to improve their marketing. Presentations were made at Hill’s at the end of the spring semester, and Ace during our summer travels. Both businesses were pleased with the marketing suggestions our group created.

Work Hard Play Hard:
At the beginning of the 2016 summer, Washburn students and faculty packed bags and traveled to Leuven, Belgium. We worked for a long exhilarating week at ACE Packaging while exploring the student’s home of Leuven during the evening. The Belgian students did an amazing job at helping us feel comfortable in their country as we explored their culture. We walked through the center of town discovering shops, favorite restaurants and campus spaces. Although the week was focused on work, we engaged in pleasant activities tasting food and drink native to their country. We even had the opportunity to properly pour and serve a glass of beer with instruction by the world’s second best bartender!

Favorite Places and Spaces:
After a memorable but exhausting week in Leuven, our Washburn group traveled throughout Belgium and France. We visited several beautiful towns in Belgium including Gent, Brugge, Brussels, and more.  Although the Belgium chateaus were outstanding, France captured my heart. The history and architect invested in France’s landmarks took my breath away. We were fortunate enough to spend a day at The Louvre discovering the most timeless pieces of art in the world, including the Mona Lisa! One of our last adventures fulfilled my fondest dream with the visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Six hundred steps to the halfway point and an elevator ride later, we made it to the top of the tower! The view of Paris was majestic.

Change for the Better:
After traveling and discovering a little piece of Europe with our international business and entrepreneurship group, I can confidently say my time at Washburn has broaden my life experiences. This opportunity has prepared me for the business world and given me confidence for lies ahead in my future. Not only were memories created throughout this trip, but international friendships were established. These photographs are a snapshot portraying my experience this summer; however, they will always mean much more to me. They are a remembrance of a time that positively influenced my life because of my involvement with Washburn.

Washburn and Belgian students meet in Leuven.

Myself, one Washburn student and one Belgian student presenting our research findings at UC-Leuven University.

Attempting to properly pour Stella Artois the correct way.

Becoming an inspiring artist at The Louvre.

eiffel tower
Soaking in the Eiffel Tower.