Photo Essay 2017

Paige Pruitt



Christmas in Barcelona

This past year I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. The pictures include me in an actual surgery in Barcelona (under direct supervision) monitoring a patient’s vital signs through a procedure while also helping with providing a nerve block for the patient while they were under general anesthesia. This was my absolute favorite day of my stay. That day completely changed my life, I came back with a new interest for an area of study. I can bring back all the tourist gifts I want, but there is nothing like bringing back a different outlook on life.

I was very fortunate that my host mom is an anesthesiologist, a world-renowned one to get specific. I was able to sit in on a Barcelona School of Medicine lecture that was taught by her towards the end of my stay. Although I couldn’t follow the lecture completely, it was eye opening to see how different the world views medicine.  She was even generous enough to give me her coat that she worked so hard for. I plan on attending a congress in Chicago this year to listen to her speak, in English,.  My stay overlapped with the students finals week, so even though we don’t speak the same language or eat the same foods, we all still have the same petrified look and lack of sleep pattern among us.

The final picture was of me and a classmate appreciating Spain’s culture. We were fortunate enough to go to the Madrid palace and explore their history. We were not allowed to talk pictures inside the palace, but we couldn’t resist from snapping one outside such a beautiful building. Spain’s culture is so rich and beautiful I am so thankful I got to explore it, especially around the holidays.

giving oxygen

lecture day