Study Abroad

Photo Essays

The annual Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest was established to recognize the importance of WU students’ international experiences and promote study abroad to other WU students and the community.

First place winner receives $100. Second Place is awarded $75.00. Third place receives $50.00. Our next deadline for application is September 15th. Download the Requirements and Entry Form.

2017 Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest

Congratulations to the following students!

1st place

Abigail Miller, Senior, Art (BFA)
"To Belgium and Beyond!"
WU Exchange Program: PXL Provencial Hogeschool Limburg - Belgium,
Fall Semester 2016

face forward





2nd place

Emma Staats, Sophomore, Criminal Justice
"Falling in Love with London"
WU Faculty-led Program: Art and Theater in London/Global Communications - London, Spring Break 2017





3rd place

Briana Nocktonick, Senior, Nursing
"Cultural Experience in Guatemala"
WU Faculty-led Program: Nursing Perspectives in Central America: Guatemala, Summer 2017


lake front




Honorable Mention

Mark Feuerborn, Senior, Mass Media
"Tasting Another World"
WU Faculty-led Program: International Media Seminar - Paris, Spring Break 2017


2016 Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest

Congratulations to the following students!

1st place

shawn oliver self portrait

Shawn Oliver, Junior, Accounting & Spanish Major
"Living as a Spaniard and Learning to ‘Make the Most of It’"
WU Faculty-led Program: Live & Learn in Salamanca, Spain, Summer 2016

oliver picture 1

oliver picture 2

oliver picture 3

oliver picture 4

oliver picture 5

2nd place

dake self portrait
Marissa Dake, Senior, Communication Studies Major
“Mis Adventuras en Costa Rica”
Affiliate Program: ISA Intensive Spanish Language, Winter Break 2016

dake gopr0041

dake img5224

dake img5836

dake img7296

dake img73541

3rd place

press self portrait
Sarah Press, Senior, Business Finance & Marketing Major
"The World Through a Lens"
WU Faculty-led Program: Belgium: International Business Experience, Summer 2016

press presentation

press wu and belgian students

press eiffel tower

press lourve

press bartender

Honorable Mention

Alexis Simmons, Junior, Political Science Major
"Set Loose in Japan"
WU Faculty-led Program: Discover Japan with Fukuoka University, Summer 2016

simmons img0070

simmons 9309

simmons img9340

simmons 9561

simmons temple

2015 Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest Winners

1st place

Ryan Burge
Ryan Burge, Junior, Mass Media Major
"Ghost Flowers in South Korea"
Anyang University - South Korea, Spring 2015

Burge Image 1

Burge Image 2

Burge Image 3

Burge Image 4

Burge Image 5

2nd place

Megan Barnes
Megan Barnes, Junior, Education Major
"Wonders of Peru"
WU Faculty Led Program: Peru and the Land of the Incas, Spring 2015

Barnes Photo 1

Barnes Photo 2

Barnes Photo 3

Barnes Photo 4

3rd place

Chelsea Newman
Chelsea Newman, Sophomore, Nursing Major & Spanish Minor
"A Summer to Remember"
WU Faculty-led Program: Live & Learn in Salamanca, Spain, Summer 2015

Newman Photo 1

Newman Photo 2

Newman Photo 3

Newman Photo 4

Newman Photo 5

Honorable Mention

Meaghan Hartley, Senior, Music Major
"Washburn University Music in Russia Experience"
WU Faculty-led Program: Music in Russia, Summer 2015

2014 Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest Winners

1st place

Taylor Moore
Taylor Moore, Senior, Psychology Major
"Coming Back to Life: Changing Perspective, Changing Lives"
WU Faculty-led Program: Costa Rica Service Learning, Winter Break 2014

Moore Image 1

Moore Image 2

Moore Image 3

Moore Image 4

Moore Image 5

2nd place

Stephen Stocks
Stephen Stocks, WU Law Student
"Ci Vediamo Presto"
Law Program: Bologna, Italy, Summer 2014

Stocks Photo 1

Stocks Photo 2

Stocks Photo 3

Stocks Photo 4

Stocks Photo 5

3rd place

Rachel Beiker, Junior, Biology Major
"Discovery of Myself through Nicaragua"
WU Faculty-led Program: Nicaragua Service Learning Experience, Winter Break 2014

Beiker Photo 1

Beiker Photo 2

Beiker Photo 3

Beiker Photo 4

Beiker Photo 5

Beiker Photo 6

Honorable Mention

Stacey Korte, Senior, Health Services Administration Major
"Follow My Feet"
WU Faculty-led Program: International Healthcare Systems and European Culture, Summer 2014

2013 Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest Winners

1st place

Tyler Patterson
Tyler Patterson, WU Law Student
"An Island Built on Principle"
WU Faculty-led Program: WU Law Program in Barbados, Summer 2013

Patterson Image 1

Patterson Image 2

Patterson Image 3

Patterson Image 4

Patterson Image 5

2nd place

Emily Juhnke
Emily Juhnke, Junior, Journalism & Public Relations
"Around the World in 106 Days"
Semester at Sea, Spring Semester 2013

Juhnke Image 1

Juhnke Image 2

Juhnke Image 3

Juhnke Image 4

Juhnke Image 5

3rd place

Monica Voth
Monica Voth, Senior, French Major
"Sharing Cultures in the South of France"
Institut Linguistique Adenet, Spring Semester 2013

Voth Image 1

Voth Image 2

Voth Image 3

Voth Image 4

Voth Image 5

Honorable Mentions

Hiwot Berihun, WU Law Student
"The Diaspora"
Ethiopia Law Office of Tibebu Gashu, Summer 2013

Nhu Nguyen, WU Law Student
"The Summer I Found Myself When I Didn't Know I was Lost"
Whittier Law School - France, Summer 2013

Julie Velez, Sophomore, Fine Arts
"Inspired in Malta"
WU Faculty-led Program: Malta-Documenting Art & History Abroad, Summer 2013

2012 Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest Winners

1st place

Catelyn Kostbar self photo
Catelyn Kostbar, 3rd Year Law student
"Following My Heart and Falling in Love"
Law Consortium Program in England, Spring 2012

catelyn kostbar photo 1

catelyn kostbar wine

catelyn kostbar Venice

2nd place

Catelyn Kostbar self photo
Stefanie Stuever, Junior Fine Arts Major
"Encountering Art History"
WU Faculty-led Program: Sport Tradition and Cultural History of Europe, Greece, Spring Break 2012

Stefani Stuever, Greece

Stefani Stuever, Greece

Stefani Stuever, Greece

Stefani Stuever, Greece

Stefani Stuever, Greece

3rd place

Catelyn Kostbar self photo
Anna Frantz, Senior English Major
"Ya Betta Belize It"
WU Faculty-led program: Study Abroad in Belize, Winter Break 2012

Anna Frantz, Belize

Anna Frantz, Belize

Anna Frantz, Belize

Anna Frantz, Belize

Anna Frantz, Belize

Honorable Mentions

Rachel Klaus, Junior Psychology Major
"Respecting Grandpa"
WU Faculty-led Program: International Mass Media Seminar in France, Spring Break 2012

Kris Roberts, Senior Art History Major
"Tot de Volgende Keer/Until the Next Time"
WU Direct Exchange: Provincial Hogeschool Limburg in Belgium, Spring 2012

Jingjing Wu, Senior Business: Accounting Major
"C'est La Vie"
WU Direct Exchange: ESC Rennes School of Business Program in France, Summer 2012