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Katelyn Rollins presenting during LCE training

WULI Students Volunteering at HSLA 2017

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Core Leadership Philosophy

The Washburn Leadership Experience is centered in the ambition of the Leadership Institute to develop the leaders of the future. This assumes the following:

  • Leaders are developed through: Education + Experience + Empowerment
  • Leaders have a responsibility and obligation to develop future leaders

The Leadership Institute's core philosophical foundation is grounded in two fundamental principles of leadership that need to be in synchronization in order for students to be effective leaders.

The first principle foundation of leadership is the umbrella of self awareness, defined within the context of an individual's worldview. The second principle foundation of leadership is the idea that individuals operate within a multitude of systems which are larger than themselves, and the ability to do so is established through the development of an individual's global mindset. The combination of a worldview and global mindset establish an overarching platform for the institution of integral leadership.

Worldview and global mindset, while clearly implying a context that spans nations, do not necessarily require that international context to be applicable. The terms are intended to suggest that leaders need to look within and beyond them to understand how to be great leaders.


The Washburn Leadership Experience

To become an effective leader, an individual must have a worldview and a global mindset; they must have great self awareness and understanding, coupled with a strong ability to understand and adapt to complex systems. One without the other is an incomplete recipe for leadership.

The Washburn Leadership Experience has been developed to align with the core leadership philosophy outlined above. The Leadership Institute will provide the education, experience and empowerment to enable students to understand and nurture their worldview and develop a global mindset, ultimately increasing their ability to effectively create positive change in their world. This will be developed throughout their leadership journey at the Washburn University Leadership Institute.

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