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2016 WU Leadership RetreatThe Washburn University Leadership Institute strives to produce the ideal Washburn Leadership Experience. This approach provides the education, experience and empowerment for all students to understand, practice and refine their leadership talents and skills. The Washburn Leadership Experience is a six-step cycle in which all of the Leadership Institute's activities, programs and services are designed.

The first step includes the leader development opportunities experienced prior to the commencement of an individual's Washburn education - it encompasses interactions during high school or earlier and is inclusive of the recruitment and selection process as well as the transition and socialization of new Washburn students. The cycle of the Washburn Leadership Experience reflects the "growth of the Washburn leader" as experienced through four phases of leader development. The sixth step is the ongoing relationship and continuous learning that alumni of the Washburn Leadership Institute continue to experience throughout their personal and professional lives.

The activities, programs and services within the Washburn Leadership Experience are flexible and adaptable to any Washburn candidate, student and alumnus because they:

  • Ensure programs incorporate an appropriate mix of learning mechanisms, balanced between classroom and experiential processes;
  • Teach students as participants, empower students as leaders and incorporate action-based learning throughout the cycle with a focus on an evolution from participation to leadership involvement;
  • Recognize leader development progresses at different rates for different individuals and ensures programs are delivered with this flexibility in leadership development;
  • Acknowledge the leadership experience may vary for different types of students and ensure that programs adapt to these differences; and
  • Strive to provide leadership opportunities so students can learn by leading.