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WULI Students at Spring Orientation 2017

Our Story, Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Story

Leaders are people who move through their lives with intention. People who seek to make a change. People who want to make a difference - in fact must make a difference. People who believe good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgment.

They are the people who live with a restless agitation as they seek to understand their abilities and affect change. They are the people who understand their integral web and the power of each connection. And they are the people who know they are the change they seek.

These people are the students and alumni of the Washburn Leadership Institute.

Our Vision

To establish an innovative platform for leadership education that is recognized as a pioneering model for the development of future leaders and leadership methods

Our Mission

To further develop students into ethical and intentional leaders who value diversity and are prepared to immediately exercise effective leadership in today's changing society by cultivating the study of leadership and facilitating transformational learning experiences designed to challenge, motivate, and inspire.