Academic Programs

Washburn Students at LE 100 Showcase

Liz Miller Helping LCE Student

Gayle Conducting Students

Academic Programs

One of the best ways to begin your Washburn Leadership Experience is by getting involved in our academic programs. Take the opportunity to see if the Leadership Studies Certificate or Leadership Studies Minor is for you by taking our LE100 class, which meets General Education requirements for Social Sciences.  This class also meets one of the requirements for the Leadership WTE and is the first class in pursuing the Leadership Studies Certificate or Minor.

Our programs emphasize the importance of learning about leadership and putting that knowledge into practice. Students in the classroom study everything from leadership theories and models to personal leadership potential. Once you have developed an understanding of leadership, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned and gain valuable leadership experience through Leadership Institute, campus and community activities.

As outlined in the Core Leadership Philosophy, the Leadership Institute views education, experience and empowerment as essential in personal leadership development. The three multidisciplinary leadership courses and one leadership internship constitute the core curriculum of the Leadership Studies Certificate Program. Each course has a primary focus on the following goals:

  • To foster the ability to think critically and analytically about leadership
  • To advance the understanding of the historical underpinnings of leadership
  • To advocate internalization of the ethical basis for leadership
  • To promote the development of leadership skills
  • To aid comprehension of the theoretical components of leadership
  • To enhance a self-reflective, self-assessing awareness of one's own leadership potential
  • To cultivate the ability to convert leadership theory into action