Academic Programs

Courtney Earring, Jill Bergkamp, Kacie Dunn, Robyn Herrera, and Tateum Hughes

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Core Leadership Courses

Core Curriculum

LE 100 Exploring the Concept of Leadership, which meets Social Science General Education requirements (also offered as HN 202, which meets Honors requirements)

  • A survey of leadership theories and an introduction to the academic study of leadership using contexts of the leadership process and case studies; requires identifying personal leadership potential, articulating a personal leadership theory and applying leadership concepts in a Campus Action Project

LE 200 Ethical Responsibilities of Leadership (also offered as HN 201, which meets Arts and Humanities General Education and Honors requirements)

  • A survey of the fundamental ethical responsibilities of leadership; requires examination of obstacles to and opportunities for ethical leadership, an understanding of the cultural contexts of leadership and an articulation of a personal ethics statement as a foundation for applied ethics in the leadership process
  • Prerequisite: LE 100 or appropriate HN 202 section or consent

LE 300 Leadership Skills Development

  • Students focus on developing individual and interpersonal leadership skills, teamwork and collaboration skills and an understanding that leadership is more than the exercise of power; techniques for embracing and leading change are practiced in a semester-long change project
  • Prerequisite: LE 200 or appropriate HN 201 section or consent

LE 400 Leadership Internship

  • Students will practice a "change agent" leadership role by implementing and evaluating an evidence-based change process and producing a detailed record of the experience suitable for archiving
  • Prerequisite: LE 300 or consent