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Students in the Learning Community have a spa night

LLC Students

Leadership Learning Community

The Leadership Institute has partnered with Residential Living to create an engaging learning opportunity for students interested in leadership. Students now have the option to live in the Leadership Learning Community in the Living Learning Center. Students in the Learning Community will live with peers who share an interest in leadership development in order to foster a community of learners within the residence halls and to connect students with similar interests. Participants will have an academic requirement in the fall semester and will be responsible for attending various co-curricular events in both the fall and spring semester. Participation in the Learning Community is limited to 40 people, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis.

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Leadership Learning Community Truly a Home Away From Home

By Jack Van Dam

       For the residents of the Leadership Learning Community, they are more than just a group of residents with a shared interest, they are a family. Freshman, Social Work Major Sydney Masters described living in the hall: “The Leadership Institute brought us all together, and from there, we became more than we thought we could. We have all challenged each other and pushed each other to grow. I feel as though I gained more knowledge and experienced more diversity in my first four months here at Washburn University than I had my whole entire life.”

Masters illustrated how close her hall has become by showcasing how her friends stay up until 2am working together on homework, watching Harry Potter every Sunday, and being each other’s stylists. Having the opportunity to live in the Leadership Learning Community has helped these students not only get heavily involved in the Leadership Institute, but has truly created a strong sense of community these students will have for the rest of their lives.