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Student Leadership Council

2017-18 Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council is comprised of three Student Fellows, three Student Directors, 9 Team Leaders, and one Learning Community RA.  These students work together to provide other students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and experience leadership in a variety of ways while promoting leadership concepts in a positive fashion. The Council works to educate and empower other students on campus and also in the community.

The SLC and LCE Student Fellows lead a team of Student Directors. The HSLA Fellow oversees a team of 10 peer mentors for the summer program. Student Directors meet regularly with the Fellows to assess completed projects, evaluate tasks in progress, and discuss future plans to ensure the success of the Institute and its constituencies. Student Directors are also in charge of leading and mentoring the Student Team Leaders. Team Leaders meet with their Student Director to assess completed projects, evaluate tasks in progress, and discuss future plans for their area. These Team Leaders oversee members of their team and are responsible for developing and implementing project team strategies.

The Student Leadership Council's Structure can be seen in this diagram. Students go through an application process to join the Student Leadership Council once a year. All positions on the Student Leadership Council are allocated to students based on strengths, interests, and experiences.

Student Leadership Council Teams

Communications Team

Led by the Communications Director, the Communications team coordinates the Leadership Institute's marketing and publicity, including newsletters, social media, digital media, and all print marketing.

The Marketing Team promotes Leadership Institute programs, events, general information/materials, and the Leadership Challenge Event™ and all Leadership Challenge™ related events on campus and in the community through various marketing tools.

The Social Media Team promotes the Leadership Institute on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Linked In.

The Web/Technology Team maintains the Leadership Challenge Event™ website and the Leadership Institute website.  The team is also responsible for leading the photography and videography at the LCE™, Leadership Council events, and Leadership Institute events to make a highlight video to showcase the entire Institute and students involved.

The Newsletter Team is responsible for producing our new online newsletter and making sure every event for the Leadership Institute is covered.

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Community Outreach Team

Led by the Community Outreach Co-Director and the Community Outreach LCE™ Co-Director, the Community Outreach teams works to build and maintain partnerships with community members, WULI alumni, campus, and community members.

The Community Liaison Team Leader will serve on the Topeka Fast Forward steering committee and actively works to create partnership between the Topeka community and the Leadership Institute. The Community Liaison Team is also responsible for acquiring team and award sponsorships for the Leadership Challenge Event™.

The Leadership Labs/PALS in the Community Team works with community professionals to create an array of Leadership Labs that are offered to WULI students and maintains contact with community professionals, WULI advisory board, WULI alumni and any other potential parties. This team will also work to recruit community members to serve as mentors for Leadership Institute students and planning social events for those mentor/mentee pairs to attend together.

The K-12 Team organizes leadership programs and outreach to students in K-12, manages Leadership Institute involvement at all tabling opportunities, leads Scholarship Interview Day, and helps acquire teams for the LCE™.

The Leadership Challenge Event™ Volunteer Coordinator oversees the acquisition, organization, and training of community and student volunteers for the two day event.

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Campus Engagement Team

Led by the Campus Engagement Director, the Campus Engagement Team works to oversee coordination of campus related events and partnerships, planning of socials/banquets, and homecoming/orientation.

The Socials Team Leader is responsible for planning and implementing all WULI socials multiple times a semester, within the Leadership Institute and the Living Learning Community.

The Banquets Team plans and implements all social events including the Fall Celebration, Spring Banquet, Family Day, Leadership Challenge Event™ banquet, and the Leadership Challenge Event™ Launch,  while also coordinating awards for the Leadership Challenge Event™.

The Campus Liaison Team Leader works to coordinate with other student organizations on campus to create and promote events and recruits campus volunteers and sponsorship for the Leadership Challenge Event™.

Homecoming Team Leader works to plan Fall and Spring WULI orientations and works with a team to coordinate WULI participation in Homecoming activities. These include Washburn University Homecoming Parade, Leadership Institute Tailgate, Yell like Hell, and other activities for student organizations during the WU Homecoming Week.

The Orientation Team Leader is responsible for leading the planning efforts and event for Fall and Spring Orientation.

The Learning Community RA is responsible for creating events for all Leadership Institute students residing in the Living Learning Center. This student will serve as the liaison between those students and the rest of the Leadership Institute, creating events and socials for all students to attend.

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