Co-Curricular Programs

Topeka Police Department

The mission of the Topeka Police Department is to reduce crime and make neighborhoods safer.

This is accomplished through providing excellent services and positive interaction with this community; ensuring equality of services; partnering with neighborhoods and community organizations; enforcing laws fairly and equally; recognizing individuals as persons of worth that deserve the highest quality of police service; ensuring professional and diverse representation and recognizing the priorities and needs of the community by incorporating them into the department's operations.

This Leadership Lab experience for students will consist of the following activities:

  • Presentation by Captain Scott about the Topeka Police Department and its leadership model

  • Crime Strategy Meeting, using statistical analysis and "intelligence led policing" (ILP), including meeting chair, the Deputy Police Chief, and the leadership team of the Topeka Police Department - students will observe the leadership team dynamics as well as discussion of current Topeka Police Department issues and resolutions

  • Attend Field Operations meeting with Division Field Operations Head and commanders

  • Debrief session with Captain Scott

  • Optional ride-along experience with a member of the Topeka police force (signed hold harmless agreements required prior to the ride-along)