Co-Curricular Programs

Leadership Institute Fellows

The Student Leadership Council is led by three Fellows. The SLC and LCE Fellows oversee the Communications, Campus Engagement, and Community Outreach Director.  The HSLA Fellow oversees 10 peer mentors for the summer prgram. These three fellows work together to organize and lead the Student Leadership Council while being a liaison between the Leadership Institute staff, Washburn campus, and the Topeka community.

Student Leadership Council Fellow: Marissa Meis

Marissa Meis, SLC Fellow

Marissa Nicole Meis is a Topeka native and 2013 graduate of Seaman High School. Marissa is a senior working towards her degree in Mass Media with an Emphasis in Creative Advertising, as well as minors in both Theatre and Leadership Studies. After graduation, Marissa hopes to work in the media industry through radio of advertising sales.

One of the things Marissa enjoys about the Leadership Institute is the unique opportunities it gives students. She commented, "Before joining the Leadership Institute, I had never played a life-size game of Monopoly, or toured the top of the Capitol Building. I have been given so many cool opportunities through this organization, and I am constantly amazed at the unique and exciting ways we can engage students in practicing leadership."

Through this next semester, Marissa is looking forward to events like Spring Orientation and LCE™. Marissa enjoys engaging with students and finding ways to challenge herself and others. Though she is graduating in May, she believes the Leadership Institute will have a lasting impact on her life and career. She said, "I am so thankful to be a part of such a transformative organization. Here, you gain skills like self-awareness, confidence, communication, and so many others. Leadership is more than just being at the front of a crowd. A true leader has the ability to influence people to make a change in the world, and that's what we are equipping students with here at the Leadership Institute.

Leadership Challenge Eventâ„¢ Fellow: Abby Price

Abby Price, LCE Fellow

Abby Price is a 2015 graduate from Seaman High School in Topeka, Kansas. Abby is currently pursuing a Sociology degree with minors in Criminal Justice and Leadership Studies. She is a member of the 2017 National Champion Dancing Blues, as well as a peer educator for First Year Experience and Leadership classes. Serving as the 2017-18 Leadership Challenge Event™ Fellow has been her favorite experience of college (so far)!

Abby had been a part of the Leadership Institute since her freshman year, and attended Scholarship Interview Day her senior year of high school. Her favorite thing about the Leadership Institute is the variety of opportunities for growth. The Leadership Institute has found the perfect balance between autonomy and support, making it an extremely comfortable and productive organization to be a part of.

In the next year, Abby looks forward to building relationships both on and off campus, learning more about leading a team, and is super excited to see the final product of the LCE™ in April. Go Bods!

High School Leadership Academy Fellow: Ally Burr