Leadership Challenge Event

Students at the LCE 2014

LCE Orientation

The Leadership Challenge Event will kick-off Thursday, April 5, 2018 with a Leadership Orientation geared specifically toward regional high school students and college students from across the country. It will be a required of all participants who wish to compete in the simulated part of the event on Friday, April 6, 2018. 

The Leadership Orientation is comprised of invigorating and educational experiences that reflect our community and regional leaders. This orientation will provide a unique opportunity to all participants and allow them to experience leadership in a professional and applicative scenario. This day is designed to give participants useful information and tools that they will not only explore, but that they can then apply during the simulation on the following day. The Leadership Orientation will stimulate leadership students to enhance and further develop their leadership skills and application.

Following the day-long Leadership Orientation, there will be a banquet for all participating students and advisors where participating teams will be able to connect with LCE sponsors, volunteers, and Washburn University Leadership Institute students. During the banquet, a keynote speaker (to be announced) will speak. Following the banquet, all participants are invited to attend an Ice Cream Social to meet other participants and socialize.