Leadership Challenge Event

2017 Participants at Lunch

LCE Student Volunteers


The Leadership Challenge Event™ Simulation will begin the morning of April 6, 2018. The live simulation incorporating a combination of a broad range of leadership responsibility, both as individuals and as a collective leadership team, along with a spectrum of situational influences that will encourage requisite adjustments and leadership initiative.

The simulation will ensure reality for participants through a variety of possible tools and methods, including but not limited to:

1) live “actors”-community leaders role playing to enhance the reality of the simulation
2) video and audio feeds providing real-time updates and simulation theatrics
3) online environments for information provision and decision manipulations
4) planned and unplanned meetings and presentations for team members

Team members will be monitored and judged throughout each element of the competition and will receive feedback upon completion of the simulation.

Information regarding the simulation will be distributed in three phases to the student teams participating in the LCE™. During registration, each team will receive a package of materials that introduce the simulation and participant rules and requirements. It will also provide a brief overview of the simulation and suggest methods of basic preparation prior to the LCE™. Upon arriving at Welcome Reception, student teams will be provided more specific information about the simulation, including their individual and collective roles and the basic set-up of the competition. Last, each team will be provided with a detailed package at the commencement of the LCE™, which will include the judge’s comments and critiques and assessment of the group’s overall performance.

Upon completion of the Leadership Challenge Event™, an awards ceremony will recognize competitors who have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, problem-solving and decision making tactics. A variety of awards will recognize both individual and team achievement. Winners will receive plaques and will be recognized on the LCE™ website.