Leadership Scholarship Responsibilities

Accepting a leadership scholarship commits a student to participate in Washburn's Leadership Institute and is more than just an award-based scholarship.  Eligibility requirements and scholarship responsibilities should be understood before applying for an award. These requirements and responsibilities are assessed and revised annually as appropriate. A sample of the Leadership Scholarship Acceptance Form that scholarship recipients will be required to fill out can be found here.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Attend Washburn University full time
  2. Plan to earn a Leadership Studies Minor or Certificate
  3. Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative overall GPA
  4. Complete required activities of the Leadership Institute
    1. Attend Orientation at the start of each semester
    2. Participate in the PALS on Campus program each year
    3. Participate in at least on Leadership Institute service project each academic year
  5. Meet with the Leadership Institute Director and/or Associate Director at least once a year to discuss scholarship requirement progress and provide updates on leadership goals and objectives