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Peer Educators

Office Hours

FYE Peer Educators hold office hours in Mabee #207.

8am Shelby
8:30am Shelby
9am Kaitlyn, Shelby
9:30am Kaitlyn, Shelby
10:00am Rachel, Kaitlyn, Ciara, Shelby
10:30am Rachel, Ciara, Elizabeth
11:00am Rachel, Abby, Ciara, Elizabeth
11:30am Rachel, Abby, Elizabeth
12:00pm Rachel, Abby, Connor, Sierra, Elizabeth
12:30pm Connor, Sierra, Elizabeth
1:00pm Alex Haines, Connor, Detta, Sierra
1:30pm Alex Haines, Detta
2:00pm Alex Haines, Garrett, Detta
2:30pm Garrett, Tiana
3:00pm Garrett, Neal, Tiana, Kinsey
3:30pm Neal, Tiana, Kinsey
4:00pm Neal, Tiana, Alex V., Kinsey 
4:30pm Tiana, Alex V., Kinsey 
5:00pm Alex V., Kinsey 
8am Jared (8:15-9:15)
8:30am Jared, Elaine (8:50-9:50)
9am Jared, Elaine
9:30am Elaine
10:00am Elaine
11:00am Jordan L.
11:30am Dyllan, Jordan L.
12:00pm Dyllan, Jordan L., John
12:30pm Dyllan, John
1:00pm Emily, John
1:30pm Emily
2:00pm Emily, Katelyn (2:15-3:15)
2:30pm Katelyn, Dani, Spencer
3:00pm Katelyn, Dani, Spencer
3:30pm Katelyn, Dani, Blaire, Spencer
4:00pm Blaire
4:30pm Blaire
5:00pm Blaire
9am Amanda
9:30am Amanda
10:00am Amanda
10:30am Amanda
11:00am Detta, Jordan M., Amanda 
11:30am Detta, Jordan M. 
12:00pm John, Detta, Jordan M. 
12:30pm John, Jordan M.
1:00pm John, Adam, Jordan M. 
1:30pm Adam
2:00pm Adam
2:30pm Adam
3:00pm Adam
Mabee Library
Mabee Library

Mabee Library hosts a coffee shop, tutoring services and access to the people and information materials that are central to success in the Information Age.


The iREAD Program encourages a common reading experience and involvement for students across campus.