Agenda Item No. V. C. 1.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Report on Washburn University Progress toward Institutional Goals for 2004 Performance Agreement


Per the University's 2004 performance agreement with the Kansas Board of Regents, Washburn must report to KBOR by March 1, 2005, its progress toward meeting the institutional goals spelled out in the performance agreement. The attached reporting template demonstrates the University's progress.


The increase to Washburn's FY06 state appropriation is dependent on upon the demonstration of "directional improvement" in meeting its institutional goals. The University's four institutional goals have been met, as measured by the meeting of all targets specified in the performance agreement.


This is an information item for Board review and comment.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

Washburn University Progress toward Institutional Goals

2004 ("Pilot") Performance Agreement


January 14, 2005

Name of Institution: Performance Summary

Institutional Goal 1: Strengthened partnerships with Kansas community colleges through the PLAN 2+2 Program
Regents' System Goal*: A. Efficiency/ Effectiveness/Seamlessness
Institutional IndicatorTarget#PerformanceAmount of Directional Improvement
1. Development of "one-stop shopping"

Have the student module of SCT Banner up and running The student module is up and running. Fall 2004 enrollment was conducted using this module. Advising is being conducted using the new system. Students enroll, change status, and access grades and other personal information online.Target reached. This is the major step forward in the implementation of the AIS system, which has taken place over a three year period. The student module is the largest and most complex piece of this package. Implementation has gone extremely well.

2. Number of general education courses available on-line17 general education courses available on-lineThree new courses (CH101, MU100, HI111) have been added, and two courses have been revived (EN332, MA116), bringing our total to 17.Target reached.
3. Number of additional partnershipsNegotiate with two community colleges in hopes of adding them to the partnershipDiscussions with Hutchinson Community College and Dodge City Community College are taking place.Target reached. Negotiations are taking place with a goal of adding these two institutions to the PLAN 2+2 partnership beginning Fall 2005.

Institutional Goal 2: Develop relationship with Flint Hills Technical College and further develop relationship with Kaw Area Technical School
Regents' System Goal*: Improve Workforce Development

Institutional Indicator


PerformanceAmount of Directional Improvement

1. Articulation agreements with FHTCDevelop our first articulation agreement with FHTC, identify potential for other articulation agreementsA full set of articulation agreements is in place with FHTC. Agreements are being developed with MATC.Target reached.

2. Development of new relationship with Kaw Area Technical School

Washburn will work with KATS leadership to explore a partnership to assist with a possible transition to a technical collegePresident Farley and Director Hoffman have met on several occasions to discuss this potential partnership. Discussions continue.Target reached (in that the exploration has taken place); however, we're not as far along with this as we would like to be. Parties are in discussion but a conclusion has not been reached.

Institutional Goal 3: Develop an MSN program
Regents' System Goal*: Increase targeted participation/access

Institutional Indicator


PerformanceAmount of Directional Improvement

1. Approval by WUBOR and KBORProgram approval will be soughtThe Kansas Board of Regents approved the program at its September, 2004, meeting.Target reached.

2. Number of Ph.D.-qualified faculty hiredPreparation for the searches will begin, including the development of position descriptions and identification of advertising venues, and a search will begin for one of the faculty positionsPosition descriptions have been prepared and the position has been announced. The screening and hiring process will be conducted this spring.Target reached.
3. Number of students enrolledPresuming program approval, recruitment of students for Fall 2005 will be conducted in earnestMaterials have been prepared and distributed, and applications are being received.Target reached.

Institutional Goal 4: Improve facilities for the sciences and for the visual arts
Regents' System Goal*: Institutional goal only

Institutional Indicator


PerformanceAmount of Directional Improvement

1. Construction of Art Building and renovation of art museumConstruction roughly 75% complete on an approximately 20000 gross sq. ft. building to house the Art DepartmentBased on pay applications, building was 78% complete by Dec. 31, and will be finished in February or early MarchTarget reached.

2. Renovation of Stoffer Hall100% completion of the program statement for the new science facilitiesProgram statement has been completed. Architect RFQs have been received and architects interviewed. The WU Board will select an architect for the project at its January 2005 meeting.Target reached.

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