Agenda Item No.

Washburn University board of Regents

SUBJECT: Joint Faculty Appointment Bylaw Amendment

DESCRIPTION: In September, 29002, the Board of Regents approved an amendment to the University's Bylaws to permit appointment of two persons to a single advertised faculty position and which set out the policy by which persons employed in such a joint appointment position could petition for, and be awarded, tenure.

The proposal for Joint Appointments was initiated by the faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences following the appointment of two persons, Paul and Tracy Wagner, as half-time faculty members in the Biology Department. At the time of their employment, only full-time faculty could petition for and be awarded tenure. The General Faculty approved a statement for Joint Faculty Appointments in the Spring of 2002 which lead to the creation of the agenda item for the Bylaw amendment.

The Statement for Joint Faculty Appointment, a copy of which is attached, not only required both persons in a joint appointment be qualified for the award of tenure in order for either to be granted it; it also required that both be qualified for promotion for either to be promoted. Despite review of the agenda item by several persons, including faculty representatives, the latter requirement was not embodied in the 2002 Bylaw Amendment.

The current policy of the Board of Regents as stated in the Bylaws expressly permit persons in a joint appointment position to file a joint petition for promotion and does it include the General Faculty adopted requirement that, to be promoted, both persons in a joint appointment must qualify for promotion. Current University policy provides that persons seeking promotion is considered solely on his/her individual merit based on her/his individual petition.

The proposed amendment to the University Bylaws, set out below, makes three substantive changes.

Permits any existing position to be converted to a joint faculty appointment position.

Permits persons in a joint faculty appointment to file a joint petition if they choose.

Requires both petitioners in a joint faculty appointment to be qualified for the award of promotion in order for either to be promoted.

Article V. 7. (suggested additions are underscored; language to be removed is shown by strike over.)

When deemed appropriate by the Vice President for Academic Affairs an advertised a full-time tenure track faculty position may be split into two half-time positions and persons otherwise qualified to fill such position may be appointed to share it as a joint faculty appointment. Beginning in appointment to instructor or a higher rank in a joint faculty appointment position, the probationary period at Washburn University shall not exceed seven years. Such probationary period for each of the two persons in a joint faculty position shall be identical and stated in their respective initial employment contracts with the University,. At least four of the seven years probationary service must be at Washburn at the rank of instructor or higher. Up to three years credit may be granted to both appointees, by written agreement, for full-time service by each as teaching faculty at other institutions of higher education. Joint faculty appointees in a tenure track position may be eligible to petition, jointly if they choose, for tenure and/or for promotion in accordance with the procedures in Article V, Sections 6 and 7, for full-time faculty members; provided, however, that tenure or promotion will only be awarded to any person sharing a joint faculty appointment in the event (a) both individuals in such joint faculty position petition for tenure and/or for promotion in the same year of review; and (b) both individuals are deemed to fulfill all of the requirements for tenure and/or promotion in rank. In the event one of the individuals does not petition for tenure or one of the two is deemed not to fulfill all of the requirements for tenure, both will be given notice of non-reappointment and their employment will terminate upon the expiration of their probationary period. The property right granted by the award of tenure is the continuation of employment as a half-time faculty member which may be terminated for cause under section 8 of Article V or as provide in subsection k. below.


RECOMMENDED: President Farley recommends consideration of the proposed Bylaw amendment on first reading with approval of the proposed Bylaw amendment on second reading at the next Board of Regents meeting.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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