Agenda Item No. VI. B. 2.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Administrative Information System (AIS) Project


Planning for the acquisition and implementation of an integrated administrative information system began in early 2000. By the fall of 2000, the planning framework had been developed, and the campus was ready to move forward to developing an RFP for the integrated system. The RFP was developed, issued and evaluated, and the contract award to SCT for their Banner product was approved by the Board of Regents.

Since that time, the implementation phase of the project has been on-going. MyWashburn (Campus Pipeline) went live in November 2002, the finance module went live in December 2002, the HR/payroll module went live in January 2003, and Eprint went live in May 2003. We are currently in the final phases of implementing the student module, the financial aid module, and the payment gateway (TouchNet). Work has also begun on the implementation of the alumni module and workflow.


The original contract with SCT specified a preliminary number of consulting, training and project management hours, which were allocated to the various applications during implementation.

Just as it was important to plan ahead for the first two years of implementation, it is equally important to plan for the implementation and upgrades needed for the next three years. It is financially advantageous to purchase consulting in as large a block as is practicable.

The original contract specified a cost of $160 per hour for consulting, training, and project management hours purchased from SCT. The current rate for purchasing consulting, training, and project management hours is $220 per hour. We have negotiated with SCT for the purchase of 2,000 additional hours as follows:

A year one rate for the 2,000 hours purchased of $176 per hour.

Hours will be paid for as used during year one.

Any hours remaining from the 2,000 block not used during year one will be carried forward into year two and paid for as used at a rate of $184.80 per hour (a 5% increase).

Any hours remaining from the 2,000 block at the end of year two will be paid in full at the second year rate of $184.80 per hour and carried forward into year three.

This offer allows us to lock-in the rate and future escalation for a three-year period, and to pay for hours as they are used rather than as they are allocated to various applications.


The total cost will depend on the year in which the hours are actually used. We anticipate the need to be 1,200 hours during the first year and 800 hours during the second year. Therefore, the total cost is estimated to be as follows:

1,200 hours @ $176 per hour $211,200

800 hours @ $184.80 per hour 147,840

Total estimated cost $359,040

The Fiscal Year 2004 budget allocated $444,250 for selected one-time allocations in non-mandatory transfers which can be used to fund the purchase of the additional hours and leave a balance of $85,210 which can be allocated to other one-time needs.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the allocation of Fiscal Year 2004 one-time allocation funds in the amount of $359,040 to purchase 2,000 consulting and training hours from SCT.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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