Agenda Item No. V. B. 2.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Orders - Moore Bowl Stadium Renovation Project


The following items included in Charge Order CO-01 are recommended:

PR #2 - PIPING LABELING: This contract requirement was removed during the final value engineering phase, but was requested to be added back by the University. This work has not been executed.

$1,800.00 (add 1 day)

PR #6 - REVISE WALL MOUNTED TOILETS TO FLOOR MOUNTED UNITS: During the design development phase of the project, we revised the toilet mounting method in order to realize savings to the budget. The bid documents, however contained contradictory instructions not resolved during the bid period. The contractor bid the project with wall mounted water closets. Because the building footprint had also been reduced during design phase value engineering, there was not adequate square footage to accommodate wall-mounted toilets. Additional cost for underground plumbing is required for floor-mounted toilets that offset the savings realized from eliminating the wall mounting hardware and labor. The resulting comparison of materials and labor resulted in a cost and time extension. The under slab plumbing portion of this work has been executed in order to maintain the schedule and take advantage of favorable weather conditions.


PR #7 - SLOPE STABILIZATION AT HISTORIC PLAZA. The soils engineer, through a global slope stability analysis, has determined that the north bowl slope is unstable and capable of movement. The degree of movement has not been established and can range from slight settlement, to catastrophic failure. Over the life of the bowl, as evidenced by current grounds maintenance staff we interviewed, some slope slippage has occurred in the NE and NW corners and there is evidence of settlement in the north currently. The soils engineer proposed a solution for supporting the sidewalk and stone "Historic Plaza Wall" with a stone keyway below the designed foundations. This keyway consisted of a trench 5' wide by 7' deep extending from the bottom of the footings to bedrock the entire length of the wall (approximately 65'). The soils engineer included a French drain and explained this solution would provide support for the wall and horizontal stability for the slope in that location. Other areas of the slope would remain unstable and could still fail. This solution has not been executed at this time.

$13,399.00 - add 7 days

PR #8 - UNSUITABLE SOILS REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT: During the excavation of the foundation for the NW Entry building, the on-site soils inspector identified soils that were incompatible with the bearing requirements of the designed foundations. Unsuitable soils were ordered removed and replaced to the soils engineer's specification. The soil excavation, removal and replacement was executed under a bid unit price and resulted in a cost extension. This work has been executed in its entirety in order to maintain the schedule and take advantage of favorable weather conditions. This price was based on bid unit prices.


PR #9 - DELETE ICHABOD MAN AND HANGING DISPLAY SYSTEM: The University requested that the Ichabod display located in the concourse level elevator lobby be deleted from the general contractor's scope of work. Even though shop drawings had been submitted and approved, the contractor was successful in canceling the order for a credit to the project budget. This work has not been executed.


PR #10 - PIER DEPTH OVERAGE: Pier depths were estimated to be 12'-0" as an average based on the information made available in the soils report. Actual depths varied minimally across the entire bed of piers for the main pavilion. Based on the advice of the on-site soils engineer, piers were excavated down to proper bearing depths and cataloged. This resulted in additional quantity of concrete to fill the piers over and above that which was estimated and bid. This work has been executed in order to maintain the schedule and take advantage of favorable weather conditions. This price was based on bid unit prices.


PR #13 - ADDITIONAL FIRE DAMPERS: During the City of Topeka's permit review, they required additional fire dampers not shown on the plans. The additional dampers and installation will result in a cost and time extension. In order to keep the project on schedule those additional dampers have been ordered, but the actual work has not been executed.

$13,374.00 (add 7 days)

PR #14 - GREASE TRAP PIPING EXTENSION: During the City of Topeka's permit review, they required the 3-compartment sink in the upstairs pantry be tied into the grease trap at the concourse level concession stand. This differs from our engineer's interpretation of the code and the intended use of the upstairs pantry just to store and stage catered food from the union. The additional piping materials and labor will result in an increase to the construction cost. This work has not been executed.


PR #19 - DELETE EMERGENCY GENERATOR: The University requested the design team look at alternatives to the large outdoor Generator/Transformer/Switchgear complex. In the course of that investigation, it was found the code would allow the elimination of the emergency generator in lieu of battery back up systems for the emergency lighting and the PA system. The elimination of the Emergency Generator will result in a credit to the construction cost. The Emergency Generator has been dropped from the electrical equipment order but the work has not been executed.

($14,455.00 - saves 5 days)


The total Contract Revision proposed by Change Order #01 is as follows:

Construction Cost Increase - $28,491.00

Construction Schedule Increase - Ten (10) days (Now August 11, 2003)

Total commitment from contingency is $28,491, leaving a $186,509 contingency balance.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve Change Order #01.

__________________ _______________________________

(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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