Agenda Item No. V. B. 3. b.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Install Fire Alarm System - Kuehne Hall #0325, West Hall #0327, and

Petro/Whiting #0335

DESCRIPTION: The Capital Improvement Projects plan includes a multi-year project to modify and replace the fire alarm system in several of the buildings on campus. Carnegie, Mabee, Bennett, and Stoffer were completed in FY 01 and the Henderson Learning Resources Center was completed in FY 02. Capitol Improvement funds of $225,000 were allocated in FY 03 for three campus buildings - Kuehne, West, and Petro/Whiting. Since Petro and Whiting are physically tied together, we can save money and simplify the monitoring work by installing one main fire control panel to serve the two buildings. Also to save fire alarm system design costs, we have asked the consultant to design the fire alarm system in the two buildings at same time, so two systems will not be necessary. The bid for the Petro fire alarm system exceeds the amount budgeted. Whiting currently has no fire alarm system, and since Petro does have one which can be upgraded later, we propose to use part of the Petro budget to install a new fire alarm system for Whiting. Bids for installation of the SimplexGrinnell alarm system were as follows:

Electrical Contractors (installation only) Bid

Torgeson Electric $ 222,345

SimplexGrinnell $ 237,515

Davin Electric $ 240,645

SimplexGrinnell (alarm system only) $ 148,395

Total with lowest installation bid $ 370,740

The breakdown for the alarm system and installation using the lowest bid is as follows:

Building Budget Installation Alarm Total

Kuehne 50,000 17,690 19,673 37,363

West 50,000 17,690 18,612 36,302

Kuehne/Whiting 125,000 52,765 36,013 88,778

Control Panel 20,480 20,480

Subtotal $225,000 $88,145 $94,778 $ 182,923

Petro (to be completed at a later date) $ 187,817

Total Cost $ 370,740

The lowest installation bid, $222,345 from Torgeson Electric, and the system bid of $148,395, result in a total bid of $370,740 which exceeds the funds allocated. Therefore, Kuehne, West, and Whiting systems will be completed this year, and the Petro system will be deferred until additional capital improvement funds can be allocated, probably in FY 05.

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: An expenditure of $182,923 from the Building Construction Fund. The balance will be carried forward to complete the Petro Project in FY 04-05.

RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve award of contracts to SimplexGrinnell to install an Addressable Fire Alarm System in Kuehne, West and Whiting.

_________________ __________________________

(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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