Agenda Item No V. A. 1. c.

Washburn University Board of Regents

Subject: Emeritus Faculty and Eminentes Universitatis Status

Description: Presently there is a disparity between the number of years of service for persons retiring from the University to be nominated for emeritus faculty status and for Eminentes Universitatis status. Retiring faculty members need only to have served five years in full-time status to be nominated for emeritus; administrative and classified employees, on the other hand, must have been employed for at least twenty years to qualify for the eminentes designation. Both designations confer similar benefits on the retiring employee. Those benefits include: listing in the University catalog/directory; be presented with a certificate of his/her status; be accorded privileges in the purchase of athletic, theater and other tickets; invitations to University functions; and access to the library and other facilities.

Changing the number of years of service required for nomination to ten, for both, removes the disparity in treatment. The specific policy changes recommended are below.

Eminentes Universitatis

Business and Financial Affairs Handbook, I.6.

6.1 The individual must have been an administrative or classified employees of Washburn University for a period of twenty ten years or more and effective July 1, 1991 and after, employees must have employment contracts of 1000 hours or more per year of service to the University to be eligible for the Eminentes Universitatis designation.

6.2 Individuals who retire from the University in good standing after twenty ten years may be eligible for nomination.

Faculty Emeritus Status

Faculty Handbook Section Three IX.

The emeritus title is intended to honor faculty members who have made a significant contribution to Washburn University through teaching, research or service. Individuals retiring after five ten years of continuous full-time service as members of the General Faculty immediately preceding their retirement are eligible for the designation. Exception: Faculty whose appointment at the University commenced before July 1, 2005 may be nominated with only five years of full-time service immediately preceding their retirement.


RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends the above policies be amended as proposed.

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(date) Jerry Farley, President

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