The Board of Regents recognizes that honesty, integrity, accountability, responsibility, openness and disclosure of financial relationships and interests are absolutely essential to the educational process and administration of the University. The Board deems it necessary and appropriate for the University to provide an atmosphere in which the highest standards of behavior, accountability and responsibility are inculcated among students, faculty, administrators and regents. To achieve this end, the Board has adopted a conflict of interest and disclosure policy for all employees of the University.

Recognizing the Board should provide leadership by example, it is the purpose of this policy to ensure objectivity, integrity, and confidentiality on the part of the regents. All regents should identify and avoid actual conflicts of interest, and the appearance of a conflict of interest. The Board unanimously agrees in order to prevent any potential conflict of interest between regent responsibilities and outside activities from arising, no regent shall participate in an action where he or she is financially interested either directly or indirectly through business, investment, or family in any contract or transaction affecting the interest of the University, nor procure or be a party in any way to procuring the appointment of any relative to any position of trust or profit connected with the University. In addition, there should be proper disclosure of those matters where a conflict of interest arises, or where a potential conflict could theoretically arise. Full disclosure of any situation in doubt should be made so the Board may make an impartial and objective determination of whether a conflict exists.

Each Board of Regents' member shall receive a copy of this conflict of interest policy and agree to comply with the policy by executing a conflict of interest disclosure statement annually and sending it to the Chair of the Board of Regents.

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