Agenda Item No. VI. B. 9.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Potential Fundraising Projects


Through a formal agreement, Washburn Endowment Association is the primary fundraising affiliate of Washburn University. That agreement stipulates, in brief, that WEA will develop gifts, manage assets, conduct fundraising activities and develop and conduct solicitation of funds for projects that are deemed priorities by Washburn University to the extent that fundraising for those priority projects is feasible.

The cooperative working relationship between WEA and Washburn is an asset to the university. The successful fundraising of the past several years is the benefit of this strategic partnership.

The University has been actively identifying potential fundraising projects. WEA and University leadership have worked for some time to envision and describe ideas for improving the University and the culling of those ideas to those worthy projects with anticipated fundraising appeal. The following projects may have substantial donor interest. The following steps are necessary to energize the fundraising process:

1. Washburn Board of Regents recognizes the projects as viable university interests to be considered for fundraising.

2. WEA will receive the projects from the Board of Regents and begin the process of evaluating donor potential.

3. WEA and the University will consult further to refine those projects considered by WEA to be viable fundraising projects.

4. Active fundraising will begin on the appropriate projects

5. Progress will be reported back to both the Regents and the Trustees and discussed by both and prioritized annually through the Liaison Committee.



President Farley recommends, as stipulated in the Washburn/WEA agreement, that the Board of Regents request the WEA to receive the summary of Proposed Fundraising Projects along with supporting material in preparation for consultation, evaluation and further refinement.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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