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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Purchase of SunGard SCT Operational Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse


At the September 28, 2001 Board of Regents meeting, the Board approved the purchase and implementation of SCT Banner software and related third-party software. One of the components of the system approved at that time was Web for Executives. Subsequently, SCT has discontinued selling the former Web for Executives product and have instead developed more comprehensive data collection and reporting software, the Operational Data Store and the Enterprise Data Warehouse.


Having implemented the SCT Banner modules approved by the Board in September 2001, we are now in an operational mode with the administrative system and are confronting a challenge --- how to transform massive amounts of data within our Banner administrative system into consistent institution-wide reports. We are faced with increasing demands for quality reporting that eliminates the cost and time to rectify inconsistencies caused by definitional inconsistencies between the legacy systems and its historical data and the Banner administrative system. End-users need the flexibility to create ad hoc reports without costly staff intervention, in a timely and efficient manner, and even more important, end-users must be able to rely on the accuracy and consistency of the information being extracted for the reports.

The SCT Operational Data Store (ODS), enables organizations to put power into the hands of end-users who need information through the adoption of self-service reporting tools. The ODS extracts data from the University's administrative system and simplifies the data structures, making it much easier to access and generate consistent reports. In addition, the ODS allows users to perform operational and ad-hoc reporting without the involvement of ITS/AIS. The ODS:

Simplifies access to consistent data for operational reporting across the entire organization.

Provides a common data model and common business concepts to ensure consistent operational and ad hoc reporting while enabling self-service reporting across the organization.

Includes reporting templates to reduce user dependence on ITS/AIS staff to develop and generate reports.

Provides a means of non-interruptive processing of business-critical operations such as registration, processing financial aid letters, conducting payroll operations, etc., because it exists in a separate environment from the transactional system.

Can house data from other systems at the institution.

A step beyond the ODS is the SCT Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), which enables institutions to use their data nor only for operational reporting, but also to generate insight into their business needs, support the decision-making process, and create business analytics that guide strategic planning such as forecasting and trend analysis. Because these more complex needs go beyond the design of the ODS, additional information infrastructure is necessary. This level of information consumption requires enterprise and historical data, which is captured in the EDW. The EDW formats data specifically for analytical processing, and analytical business intelligence tools help provide decision makers with the insight they seek. The EDW:

Allows institutions to address enterprise analytical reporting needs and provides a common model for the enterprise.

Captures historical information for trend analysis and forecasting.

Provides the ability to extract data from multiple data sources and products, with consistent reporting results.

Uses the SCT Operational Data Store as the primary source of data.

Enables data from other campus systems to be sources for the warehouse.

The cost of SCT ODS is $150,000, and SCT EDW is $225,000 for a total of $375,000. By purchasing the two products as a bundle, SCT has quoted a total cost for both the ODS and EDW of $275,000. In addition, SCT is offering a discount on the annual maintenance cost for the two products if purchased together from $56,250 to $41,050.


Funds are available in the amount of $275,000 in the AIS Project Account by reallocating funds previously allocated to Web for Executives, transferring in $71,000 from the AIS FY 05 operating budget, and transferring $100,000 from FY 05 general fund one-time expenditure allocations.

An additional software maintenance allocation will be necessary for the AIS general fund operating budget for FY 06 of $41,050.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the purchase and implementation of SCT Operational Data Store and SCT Enterprise Data Warehouse at a cost of $275,000.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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