Agenda Item No. V. A. 3.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Simulation Equipment for the School of Nursing Learning Laboratory


The Learning Laboratory at the School of Nursing will require educational equipment that is state-of-the-science in order to prepare students for the challenging roles in the nursing profession. The emphasis in nursing education is the creation of simulated situations that are as close to reality as possible. Students can practice techniques and communication skills through simulated conditions enabling them to make the most of real health care situations.

Laerdal manufactures adult, child and infant manikin dolls constructed to produce physiologic responses based on computer input. The manikin dolls display real-time changes in condition that allow students to make immediate assessments and determine subsequent actions to be taken. Simulations are programmed into each doll. Simulations can be developed by School of Nursing Faculty for individual courses. Manikin dolls include a microphone and speaker system permitting instructors to simulate conversations as if coming from the doll requiring students to respond to communication situations as well as physical changes.

The simulated manikin dolls and related equipment that the School of Nursing requests to purchase includes one male doll, one adult female and one adult male computerized with scenarios, two adult patient care dolls, one child doll with computerized sounds and simulations, one child patient care doll, one infant doll with sounds, and two infant patient care dolls. A laptop computer for programming simulations and necessary audio-visual equipment are also included.

Laerdal is the sole manufacturer of the manikin dolls. The total amount of the equipment requested for purchase is $72,440.97.


Funding has been approved at the January Board of Regents for the School of Nursing Learning Laboratory through the allocation of University reserves.


President Farley recommends approval to award a contract to Laerdal in the amount of $72,440.97.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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