Agenda Item No. V. C. 1.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Menninger's Nunemaker Facility Relocation - INFORMATION ONLY


As the Menninger Clinic leaves Topeka and the Menniger campus property is redeveloped, the facility known as the Nunemaker Chapel has been offered to Washburn University for relocation to the Washburn campus.

This frame structure has an open feeling with large expanses of glass giving the single large room the feel of being in an outside room. The room is approximately the same size as the Kansas Room in the student union and has a flat floor and moveable furniture. Washburn would use the facility for multiple purposes.

Washburn is researching the ramifications of accepting this gift. Elements of our investigation by our staff architects and engineers will include:

Logistics and costs of moving the structure

Viable site survey will include:

o Land space available

o Availability of access and parking

o Views from inside facility through the windows to the outside

o Site utility availability

Condition of the building

Blending the building with campus setting (should we face parts of the building with limestone).

Project costs

Viability of fundraising for this project (WEA will assess this element)

Washburn will also investigate the uses for such a facility. The facility would serve special events including:

Student organizations meeting space


Musical recitals

Meetings (campus, community, student)


Regularly scheduled classes and seminars


Early preliminary unverified cost estimates of relocation are $250,000. A complete financing plan will accompany a study report as investigation is more complete.

RECOMMENDATION: Information Only

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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