Agenda Item No. V. B. 2. b.

Washburn University Board of Regents



During the 2003 session of the Kansas Legislature, the following amendment was added to the state general fund appropriations provision contained in Senate Substitute for House Bill 2444: "In addition to the other purposes for which expenditures may be made by the state board of regents for fiscal year 2004, expenditures shall be made by the above agency to assure that each university under the jurisdiction and control of the state board of regents develops a policy on the use of sexually explicit materials, including videos, as part of the curriculum of human sexuality classes or other similar classes for undergraduate students, a policy on teaching about the issue of pedophilia as part of such classes and a policy on sexual harassment as it relates to teaching such classes: Provided, that such policies shall be developed and implemented prior to January 12, 2004, and the state board of regents shall keep on file a current copy of such policies."

In response, the Kansas Board of Regents adopted a policy statement at its December 18, 2003 meeting. Washburn University does not fall under the "jurisdiction and control" of KBOR, so it is not required by this amendment to have such a policy. However, we believe it is appropriate for Washburn to adopt the same policy as its sister public institutions in the state.

Attached is a modified version of the policy adopted by the Kansas Board of Regents proposed for adoption by the Washburn University Board of Regents.

The University Council approved the proposal on February 10, 2004.

The General Faculty approved the proposal on May 13, 2004.



President Farley recommends Board of Regents approval of the Policy on Controversial Material.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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