Agenda Item No. V. B. 2.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Orders - Moore Bowl Stadium Renovation Project


The following items included in Change Order CO-02 are recommended:

MISCELLANEOUS: Subsequent to the Board's acceptance of CO-01, mathematical errors were found in PR #7 (Slope Stabilization at Historic Plaza) and PR #8 (Unsuitable Soils Removal and Replacement). The errors were reviewed by the Architect and the University Facilities department, and it was determined an additional amount is due the General Contractor of: $102.00

PR #5 - ELECTRICAL REVISIONS AT THE PRESS BOX: At the request of the Athletics Department, additional power outlets were located throughout the press box and concourse level hospitality room to better accommodate anticipated equipment locations. This work has not been completed, but rough-in is proceeding in order to maintain the construction schedule.

$455.00 - Add 1 day

PR #12 - ELECTRICAL SOUND AND DATA REVISIONS: In coordination with the University's Sound and Data System Consultants, it was determined that certain revisions to the electrical infrastructure improvements needed to be made to accommodate sound and data equipment. Further electrical panel revisions were made subsequent to the elimination of the emergency generator. Equipment for these changes has been ordered and installation is proceeding in order to maintain the construction schedule.

$3,071.00 - Add 3 days

PR #13a - ADDITIONAL FIRE DAMPERS (ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS): During the City of Topeka's permit review, they required additional fire dampers that were not shown on the plans. The additional dampers and their physical installation were added to the project under CO-01. The amount requested is for the electrical hook-up of these dampers. This work has not been completed, but will need to be in order to satisfy City of Topeka code requirements.

$6,545.00 - add 3 days

PR #16 - REVISE 20-MINUTE DOORS AT STAIRWELLS TO 60-MINUTE DOORS: During the City of Topeka's permit review they required the stairwell doors (6 total) to increase their fire rating to 60 minutes. These doors have been ordered and supplied.


PR #17 - CHANGES TO LANDSCAPE AND IRRIGATION PLAN: After review of the landscape and irrigation design by the campus landscape architect, the Architect, and Campus Planning, several design upgrades were requested by Washburn University to provide radio control, additional pop-up irrigation heads, alternate plant material and future compatibility. This work has not been completed, but materials have been ordered.


PR #27 - REPLACE UNIVERSITY SUPPLIED SALVAGED STONE WITH NEW STONE AT HISTORIC PLAZA WALL: Because the university supplied salvaged stone was in poor condition, and because the quantity was too low to do the entire historic plaza wall, the masonry subcontractor suggested that new stone be supplied for this area in order to provide a more uniform appearance. The Architect and the University Campus Planning Department agreed. This work has been accomplished in order to maintain the construction schedule.


PR #28 - REPLACE REMAINING ASPHALT CONCOURSE BETWEEN NORTHEAST CONCESSION STAND AND EAST GRANDSTANDS: Due to the poor condition of the remaining asphalt concourse the contractor suggested to replace it now would be more cost effective than later. The Architect and the University Campus Planning Department agreed. This work has not been completed.



The total Contract Revision proposed by CO-02 to date is as follows:

Construction Cost Increase - $28,792.00

Construction Schedule Increase - 7 days

Substantial Completion - August 18,2003

The commitment from the contingency is $57,283, leaving a $157,717 contingency balance.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve Change Order #02.

Date Signature __________________________

Jerry Farley, President

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