Agenda Item No. VI. B. 3. a.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Scientific Equipment for the Chemistry Department


The Chemistry Department is requesting approval to purchase an electrospray ionization quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer to be used by the department faculty for use in undergraduate research programs and laboratory experiments. Mass spectrometry is a central science in pharmaceutical, forensic, petrochemical and biomedical analysis. Undergraduate research projects are planned that involve natural products which are being studied for improving memory and treating Alzheimer's, cyclic peptides similar to those being investigated for treating viral diseases, antibiotics that form nanotubes which can penetrate cell walls, and petrochemical analysis. Undergraduate laboratory course experiments can involve basic experiments in these topics as well as forensic analyses of substances like hair and saliva.

Quotations were solicited from three vendors:

Vendor Total Amount

International Equipment Trading Ltd. $50,000.00

Garden State Scientific $56,495.00

Grizzly Analytical $60,667.00

The total amount of the International Equipment Trading Ltd. quote includes installation, familiarization, shipping, shipping insurance, and one-year parts and labor warranty. All units quoted were for used and refurbished equipment and by the same manufacturer. The price for new equipment by the same manufacturer is approximately $200,000.


Funding for the equipment will be 100% from the K-INRBE grant fund.


President Farley recommends approval to award a contract to International Equipment Trading Ltd. for $50,000.

_____________________ ______________________

(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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