Agenda Item No. VI. A. 2.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Washburn University Policy Regulations and Procedures Manual


Attached is the Benefit section of the Washburn University Policy Regulations and Procedures Manual. This section combines all benefit information found in the Business and Financial Affairs Handbook. As approved at the November, 2005 Board meeting, the change in the formatting, allows policies to be easily distinguished from the regulations and procedures.

The following are proposed changes in policies.

1. WUPRPM, 2. Holidays, page 2.

Comment: The Policy statement being proposed gives the President authority to designate the day of observance when a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

2. WUPRPM, 3. Personal Leave, page 3. BAFAH states the intended purpose of personal leave is to " earn periods of pay for absences from work for purposes of vacations, funerals, and emergency situations requiring absences beyond their control." page 8.

Comment: This is not the current practice. University does not say Personal Leave has to be for particular reasons. The statement has been deleted from policy.

3. WUPRPM, 3.2 Pay Upon Employment Termination, page 3. BAFAH states "Terminated Employees shall be paid for accrued personal leave in their last paycheck. The Employee may elect to have his/her accrued leave calculated from the last day actually worked or the last day in pay status." page 9.

Comment: This is not the current practice. The statement has been deleted from policy.

4. WUPRPM, 9. Shared Leave, page 7. Since Shared Leave recently went to the Board, it's inclusion in this section is being pointed out. It was presented to the Board as one document without policy statements being separated from regulations. The statements being proposed as policy do not included policy changes, but have been re-worded.

5. WUPRPM, 14. Retirement Program, page 9. In current BAFAH there is a statement that the retirement contract will be a "retirement annuity contract". Section 5 page 18.

Comment: Those three words have been deleted in the revision.

The following are proposed changes in regulations.

1. New language has been added to the WUPRPM Personal Leave and Sick leave, sections 4 and 5, specifying the increments in which leave is to be reported. Based upon our discussions to date (as well as the MOA negotiations) we are including language for leave increments of 4 hours for exempt, and 15 minute increments for non-exempt employees.

2. WUPRPM, 5.2.4 Hours of leave, page 6. This applies to sick leave and reads; "Hours of leave earned shall be based upon contractual hours of work required. Eligible Employees in a pay status less than a full pay period will earn a prorated amount of leave. The amount is based on the number of hours worked."

Comment: This replaces BAFAH, page 10, and applies to all employees, not just administrative. BANNER calculates leave based on actual hours in a pay status, so we no longer manually calculate leave earned for partial pay periods.

3. WUPRPM, 5.3.3 "Extended family members" page 7. In the Sick Leave regulations "grandchildren" has been added to the definition of "Extended Family Member."

4. WUPRPM, 9.3.2 Leave without pay, page 18. This reads, "Leave without pay for longer periods (more than 30 days) must be approved by the Department Head, the Area Head, and the President."

Comment: BAFAH 3.2.5, page 11 states the request for approval for long term periods of leave without pay must pass through the VPAT rather than Area Head.

5. The BAFAH, Appendix B, Group Health, 3.3 page B-2, states "In the event the University employs more than one person in a family and each is an eligible Employee, the University will pay the equivalent of the number of single premium costs"

Comment: In WUPRPM. 11.7.1, page 25, the last bullet under "Premium payments are based upon:" is changed from "more than one person in a family" to "both spouses."

6. BAFAH. 3.3.2, page 12, first paragraph. Group Life Insurance. This states premium is paid by University if "compensation comes from General Fund".

Comment: This statement has been deleted as it is not the actual practice. WUPRPM, 12.4 Premiums, page 27.




President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the revision of the Benefit section of the Washburn University Policy Regulations and Procedures Manual.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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