July 29, 2005


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Paul called the meeting to order at 4:12 p.m.in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Bunten, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Paul, Mr. Roth, Mr. Storey and Mrs. Warren.

III. Approval of Minutes of June 17, 2005 meeting as mailed.

It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the June 17, 2005 meeting as mailed. Motion passed unanimously.


Chairperson Paul noted that the notice of the Public Budget Hearing had been published in the July 13, 2005 issue of The Topeka Capital Journal and that before recognizing anyone wishing to speak she had a few comments to make. She noted that the 2006 Fiscal Year Operating Budget was developed under guidelines approved by the Board of Regents and subsequently reviewed by the Budget/Finance Committee before being approved by the Board of Regents. She said the budget is based on the Board's best judgment on the appropriate levels of revenues and expenditures shown on the public budget documents. She said the University is required to prepare a public budget using forms provided by the State of Kansas and that the budget is to be itemized and classified by funds and to show amounts to be raised by taxation and other sources. Chairperson Paul said that once the budget is adopted and filed with the County Clerk, the public budget constitutes a maximum appropriation for each fun;d which cannot be exceeded except as provided by state law. She then declared the Public Budget Hearing open, recognizing the first person who registered with the Secretary.

Mary Lou Herring took the podium identifying herself as a Topeka taxpayer and a part-time student at Washburn University. She said she had reviewed the Operating Budget approved by the Board at its June meeting and the public budget documents for Fiscal Year 2006. She said she is concerned the resources provided to the University from taxpayers and students are diverted from its educational endeavors to administrative priorities and an aggressive capital improvement program. She said more specifically she believes that sales tax revenues are not used to maintain affordable tuition rates but rather diverted from the Operating Budget to cover the escalating costs of capital projects including the administrative information software implementation and the Stoffer renovation project. She said she believes the tuition rate increase could have been held to a modest three percent had the budget been developed more specifically to what was needed. She expressed concern about the transfer of $2.7 million budgeted in last year's operating budget and said an explanation should be provided about building construction fund projects funded with last year's estimated transfers and which projects will be funded in the FY '06 budget. She also said an explanation should be provided about capital projects funded with last year's estimated expense of $600,000 and those which will be funded with the FY '06 funds of approximately $483,000. She said she believes the Board can do a better job allocating resources to the real mission of the institution, education.

There appearing no other person wishing to be heard, Chairperson Paul declared the Public Budget Hearing closed.

It was moved and seconded to approve the public budget as shown in the agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

V. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

1. FY 2006 Board of Regents Meeting Schedule

Chairperson Paul noted that in the agenda packet was a proposed meeting schedule for the Board of Regents for FY '06. She said she had nothing further.

B. President's Report

President Farley noted that each Regent's place was a publication from the NCAA, a Division II membership report, and drew particular attention to the page depicting Washburn University as the NCAA Division II champions in women's basketball. He also said there is a publication titled 'What is NCAA Division II?' defining what a Division II institution is. He said there have been some questions recently about the viability of Division II as some institutions are trying to move to Division I. He said in no case in which a Division II school has moved to Division I has the institution come close to the break-even point financially. He said it is a very expensive proposition. He said Washburn is very happy with being a Division II member, noting that we have a very strong conference. He said we presently don't have any interest in changing our status.

Dr. Farley said school will begin in approximately three weeks and he said we expect to have an increase in enrollment of approximately 200-300 students. He said there are a number of events associated with the beginning of the school year. He said on Wednesday in about three weeks there will be a move-in day, inviting everyone to come out and help. He said there will be a convocation for students that evening and then there will be a University-wide convocation on August 28 at Noon with luncheon and a short presentation with respect to the state of the University.

C. Committee Report(s)

There were no committee reports.

D. Treasurer's Report

It was moved and seconded to approve the Treasurer's Report. Motion passed unanimously.

1. Depository Security Transactions

2. Liquidated Claims Approval - June, 2005

3. Public Fund Investments - June, 2005

VI. New Business

A. Consent Agenda:

Chairperson Paul reported that item VI. A. 2. is being withdrawn for separate consideration.

It was moved and seconded to approve Consent Agenda items VI.A. 1., 3. through 6. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by action of the Board of Regents:

1. KTWU - FY 2006 Membership Fees

payment of FY 2006 PBS membership dues in an amount not to exceed $432,909.41;

3. Report of Purchases between $25,001 and $50,000

purchase of: character generator for KTWU from Professional Video Supply Inc. in the amount of $49,925; computer equipment and software for the Art Department from Apple Computer Inc. in the amount of $40,601; Integrated display system for the School of Business from Rise Softools in the amount of $39,797; and, contract for providing and installing street lights along Durow Drive to Lesser Electric Inc. in the amount of $26,850;

4. Shared Leave Program

extension of the Shared Leave program for an additional year from July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006;

5. Entry Rates for Bargaining Unit Positions

new entry rates for bargaining unit positions as outlined in the agenda item; and,

6. Faculty/Staff Personnel Actions

faculty and staff personnel actions as outlined in the agenda item.

2. Video and Editing Analysis System for the Athletic Department

Chairperson Paul recognized Head Football Coach Craig Schurig and Athletics Director Loren Ferré.

Mr. Schurig described the time consuming process by which video of football games has been conducted over the years, noting it was an extremely time-consuming matter. He said now with new computer technology it is possible to use two cameras in real time to take simultaneously views from the sidelines and from the end zone, reducing the time required to prepare and analyze game video to about a third of the current time. He said the technology will allow the user to download the information to a laptop computer and that coaching staff would be able to review and grade game film on the return trip from a game. He said the technology recommended from Advance Imaging Solutions, Inc. is presently being used by the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Northwest Missouri State.

In response to a question from Regent Roth Mr. Schurig reported that it is a digital system which can do some things that we cannot currently do plus other things which we already are capable of doing. He noted for instance that it would be possible through this system to review a team's offensive or defensive formations inside the 20 yard line with the push of a couple of buttons. He said this will enable us to remain competitive with the schools we are trying to catch.

In response to a question from Regent Lee, Athletics Director, Mr. Ferré, reported that volleyball will be using the system and that others will be doing so in the future. He noted, however, basketball is happy with what it's utilizing now.

In response to a question from Regent Lee about the sole source purchase request, Coach Schurig reported this is the only company in the region which has developed this program permitting real time capture of sideline and end zone views concurrently.

In response to a query from Chairperson Paul, Athletics Director Ferré noted that the cost of the program does include training, but there will be a yearly charge for technical support which would be built into their budget.

It was moved and seconded to approve. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Information Items:

1. Summary of Program Review Activities during Academic Year 2004-2005

Dr. Farley noted that the program review process at the University is one which has been in place for a number of years and it has been taken very seriously by the units participating. He said the review is very helpful and that a number of recommendations included in the report are being implemented very quickly. He said the program review is a very good and thorough process.

President Farley said that if he might he'd like to add an item to the agenda. He said there's been a discussion for a number of months, some eight or nine months, concerning the redevelopment of the College Hill neighborhood by developers, architects and others. He said the proposed development lies between the confluence of Washburn and Lane to approximately 14th Street and includes town houses and some two to three story units. He said this would be a great stabilizing force in the neighborhood. He noted the University owns a piece of property where Facilities Services is presently located which we acquired some four years ago prior to the construction of the Student Wellness and Recreation Center. He said he'd like to work with them about possible alternatives which might be available for the University and said he believes we can work something out to the institution's advantage. He noted the project is going to the Planning Commission in some two to three weeks from now and the developers would like Washburn to comment on the project at that time to the extent that we're favorable to it. He said he would like to have the Board grant authority to continue discussions with the interested parties about how the institution might convey property to them.

Mayor Bunten reported that he also has met with the developer, reiterating the project extends as far north as 14th Street. He thinks it's a very good project for the area, one which will have a positive affect on the neighborhood to the West of the development too. He said it could be a very positive project.

It was moved and seconded to endorse the project and to enter into discussion concerning real estate transactions and to investigate alternatives for the relocating of Facilities Services. Motion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Paul noted that while not shown on the agenda, she would like to have an Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter. It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter related to non-elected personnel and to reconvene in Open Session in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union at 5:20 p.m. Motion passed. The Board recessed to Executive Session at 4:50 p.m.

At 5:20 pl.m. the Board reconvened in Open Session. Chairperson Paul noted the Board had been in Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter and that no action has been taken. It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session for the purpose of continuing discussion of a personnel matter and to reconvene in Open Session not later than 5:30 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union. Motion passed.

At 5:30 p.m. the Board reconvened in Open Session. Chairperson Paul noted the Board had been in Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter and that no action had been taken.

It was moved and seconded to award the President a salary increase of four percent per annum; to enter into a contract to be drafted awarding the President tenure, providing for a one-year sabbatical upon completion of such service at a salary to be reduced should the President obtain employment elsewhere during the period; and that a contract be prepared for the Board's consideration at the next meeting. Motion passed.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn. Motion passed. The meeting of the Board of Regents adjourned at 5:33 p.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents

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