Agenda Item No. VI. A. 7.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Order - Transitional Housing Project


The information below is to assist in the explanation and recommended approval of Change Order No. 2 for the Transitional Housing project.



Upon review of the construction drawings, it became apparent the cast stone cap transition between the split-face masonry units on the lower exterior wall and the siding above did not continue around the corner in the building recesses. It was determined by the architect and the University architect that aesthetically it would be better if the stone coping was continuous. In order to achieve this, an additional 101.33 lineal feet of cast stone will need to be provided and installed.

Contract Add: $969.00

Schedule Implications: No Impact



Closer review of the drawings indicated ductwork penetrating joists that would compromise the structural integrity of the joist. Revisions by the mechanical engineer routed the ductwork differently so it does not penetrate the structural system.

Contract Add: $505.00

Schedule Implications: No Impact



For economy's sake, a 20 year warranted roof with 15 lb. felt was specified on all buildings of the complex at the time of bidding. As a result of a favorable bidding climate and a good base bid, a price was submitted for an upgraded roof that would provide a 30 year warranty with an underlayment of 30 lb. felt. The additional cost of approximately $13,000 breaks down to $2,600 per building total and approx. $260/building/year for the 10 additional years of the lifespan of the roofs. In a life-cycle cost analysis, this cost is relatively minor considering the costs it would require to repair or replace the roof when it will likely begin to fail at 20 years.

The cost submitted by Ferrell Construction is without markup for overhead and profit, emphasizing the importance the contractor places on the significance of this change.

Contract Add: $12,913.00

Schedule Implications: No Impact



Upon excavating for the basement of the Commons building, water appeared in the crevice from the layers of sandstone that occur in this area. Recommendation from the geotechnical engineer to remedy the situation is to do the following:

1. Install 12" free-draining granular material below the basement slab on grade in lieu of the 4" specified.

2. Install below slab perforated drainage tubing around perimeter and at 1/3 intervals across the expanse of the basement length. This tubing will discharge water into the sump pit at the northeast corner of the basement.

3. Provide 24" wide section of free-draining granular backfill above the drain line and adjacent to the wall around outside perimeter of basement wall. (This was already provided for in the base bid).

Contract Add: $1,832.00

Schedule Implications: No Impact



Installation of the telecommunications cabling and connection to the underground fiber network on the campus is being handled as a separate contract by the University and will be executed by a separate contractor. Various outside plant functions and connections could be made during the installation of other electrical connections included in the general construction contract and were thought best to be conducted by the electrical subcontractor. Upon review of the work, an amount was requested for additional services for the installation of an underground pull box and cover. Total cost including GC overhead and profit:

Contract Add: $2,205.00

Schedule Implications: No Impact


The total Contract Revision proposed by CO-02 to date is as follows:

Construction Cost Increase - $18,424.00

Construction Schedule Increase - NO IMPACT

Original construction contingency: $350,892. The total commitment from contingency in $28,533, leaving a $322,359 contingency balance.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve Change Order #02 as detailed above.

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Date Jerry B. Farley, President

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