BOARD OF REGENTS

                                    A G E N D A


DATE:         September 22, 2006                                                     Memorial Union:


  COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE:    -   4:00 p.m.                             Washburn B Room

DINNER:                                             -   6:30 p.m.                         Board Chair's Residence


I.           Call to Order                         Chairperson Warren

II.          Roll Call

Mr. Blair                                       Mrs. Paul

Mr. Bunten                                   Mr. Roth

Mr. Gaines                                   Mr. Storey

Mr. Lagerberg                              Mrs. Warren

                    Mrs. Parks

III.         Approval of Minutes of July 28, 2006 meeting as mailed.

IV.        Officer Reports

             A.    Chair's Report

       1.     Appointment of Officers

B.   President's Report

C.   Committee Report(s)

D.   Treasurer's Report

                    1.     Liquidated Claims Approval -- July, 2006

                    2.     Liquidated Claims Approval -- August, 2006

V.         New Business

A.    Consent Agenda:

1.     Report of Purchases between $25,001 and $50,000

                    2.     Personnel

                           a.   Personnel Action -- Director of Residential Living

                           b.   Designate Virgie Smith as Faculty Emeritus

                           c.   Designate Dr. James Concannon Distinguished Professor of Law

                           d.   Voluntary Phased Retirement:  Dr. Allan Riveland

                           e.   Voluntary Phased Retirement:  Dr. Larry Blumberg

                           f.    Faculty/Staff Personnel Actions

                    3.     University Health Plan Renewal

B.         Action Items:

1.     Dual JD/MSW Degree Program

                    2.     Naming of Track

                    3.     Asbestos Abatement Throughout Building for Stoffer Hall

                           Renovaton/Addition Project

                    4.     Classroom Renovations

                    5.     Classroom Furniture

                    6.     School of Business, Henderson Learning Resource Center Renovation

                           Trading Room/Showcase Classroom/board Room Suite Project

                    7.     Digital Media Asset Management System for KTWU

                    8.     Renewal of Insurance Policies

C.   Information Items:

1.     Enrollment Management Report

                    2.     Review Risk Management

                    3.     WEA Update

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