Agenda Item No.  V. B. 2.

                            Washburn University Board of Regents


SUBJECT:   Computer Equipment for the HiPACE Computing Environment




At the May 12, 2006 Board of Regents meeting, approval was given to fund the High Performance Computing Environment. As previously presented to the Board, the primary purposes of the project are to: (a) create a high performance computing environment that stimulates and enhances student learning and research across and among a variety of disciplines; (b) provide students and faculty with advanced visualization tools and virtual laboratory environments; and (c) enhance teacher education, especially in the sciences.


The University’s HiPACE Working Group developed a Request for Proposal for computing hardware consisting of three distinct server systems:



Request for Proposals were sent to 27 vendors. Proposals were received from nine vendors. Proposals were evaluated in accordance with how well vendors completely and effectively responded to the Request for Proposal, including compliance with providing the mandatory and optional requirements requested and the affordability of the overall system proposed.


Vendors were requested to provide optional pricing for several processor, software, and warranty options in order for the University to acquire a system with the maximum amount of computer power within the funding allocated. The HiPACE Working Group committee determined that proposals which included the Socket F processor would best serve the needs for the HiPACE Computing Environment. Three vendors submitted proposals which included Socket F processors: Aspen Systems, Inc.; Atipa Technologies; and Western Scientific.


The committee then considered only the proposals with Socket F processors and additional options which could be included as additions as requested in the RFP. Atipa Technologies was non-responsive in submitting requested additional options. Aspen Systems, Inc. submitted the lowest-price, responsive proposal including all requested options, in the amount of $148,076. Western Scientific submitted a responsive proposal including all requested options in the amount of $168,390.


The HiPACE Working Group recommends proceeding with an award of contract to Aspen Systems, Inc. in  the amount of $148,076.




Funding for the HiPACE computing equipment will be from the Washburn Innovation Grant Funding.            



President Farley recommends approval to award a contract to Aspen Systems, Inc. for $148,076.




_____________________                                     ______________________

(date)                                                          Jerry B. Farley, President

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