Agenda Item No.  V. B. 4.

                            Washburn University Board of Regents



SUBJECT:   Analog/Digital Low Power Transmitter for KTWU




KTWU is requesting approval to purchase an analog/digital low power transmitter to replace the existing K30AL transmitter located two miles east of Moran, Kansas. The K30AL transmitter serves the southeast corner of Kansas with public television service.


The new transmitter will be operated on Channel 30 until March 2009 and then converted to operation on Digital Channel 30 as required by the construction permit issued by the Federal Communications Commission in March 2006.


Request for Proposals were sent to four vendors. Proposals were received from the following vendors:


Vendor                                                                      Total Amount                                                                                            

Axcera, LLC                                                                $107,880

Rohde & Schwarz, Inc.                                                $121,483




Funding for the analog/digital low power transmitter will be from the following:


100% of the funding will be from a Department of Agriculture grant.




President Farley recommends approval to award a contract to Axcera, LLC for $107,880.


_____________________                                __________________________________

     (date)                                                              Jerry B. Farley, President

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