Agenda Item No.  V. A. 2. a.  

Washburn University Board of Regents



Designate Carl Monk Dean Emeritus. 



The Washburn University School of Law seeks to achieve its mission of providing a high quality judicial education, which enhances the economic vitality of the region.”  Carl Monk has strived to personify the mission of the Law School during his 18 years of service at Washburn University School of Law. 


Dr. Monk was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor of Law in 1988.  His tenure as dean came at a time of important transitions.  He was very involved in recruiting national faculty.  His focus to build academic programs at the School of Law enabled Washburn University School of Law’s teaching clinic to become a model for other schools.  His leadership received national attention for strategic planning. 


Since 1992, he has been on leave from Washburn University serving as Executive Director of the Association of American Law Schools.  He was asked to serve an unprecedented third term, so he has served longer in this position than any of his predecessors, a testimony to the outstanding leadership he has provided to the AALS.  He is currently involved in negotiations with law school officials from other nations to form an International Association of Law Schools.  He has been selected to serve as founding president of the new association and is working to secure participation by law schools in every continent.  The title of Dean Emeritus would bring additional status to his position and would facilitate discussions with delegates.  This title would carry the Washburn University name into the framework of international negotiations.  Washburn University would benefit by the continued recognition of Carl being a member of Washburn University faculty and as a former dean of the School of Law.


Ordinarily, emeritus status is applied to retirees, but an exception in this unique instance is recommended based on the special circumstances involved.






President Farley recommends the Board of Regents bestow the title “Dean Emeritus” to Carl Monk.    

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date                                                      Jerry B. Farley, President

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