Agenda Item  V. A. 2. f.

Washburn University Board of Regents



SUBJECT:  Voluntary Phased Retirement



At its November 8, 2000 meeting, the Board of Regents approved the renewal of the voluntary phased retirement plan originally approved on February 18, 1998.  Under this plan, employees meeting applicable criteria could apply for, and receive if deemed in the best interests of the University, voluntary phased retirement from the University.  Under the program approved, the successful applicant would receive a reduced workload for the term of the agreement, but continue receiving employee benefits as though she or he were a full-time employee of the University.  The program at Washburn University is similar to that of the state educational institutions.


Dr. Sheila Reynolds, a Professor in the School of Law, has requested a phased retirement program for three part-time years beginning in the 2007-2008 academic year.  Dr. Reynolds is willing to teach two courses in one semester (Professional Responsibility and Legal Malpractice Seminar), subject to the approval of the Dean of the School of Law.  At this time, it has been suggested that she teach two courses in the Fall 2007 semester and continue to co-chair the law school self-study committee at 50% of her regular salary.  For the future years, FY2009 and FY2010, she would teach two courses each spring semester and have no major committee responsibilities at 40% of her regular salary. 


The move to phased retirement will make it possible for the Law School to make a smooth transition in their academic programs and also allow them to continue to benefit from the excellent instruction that Dr. Reynolds offers. 




The cost of hiring additional teachers to replace lost instruction will be covered by salary savings from Dr. Reynolds’s phased retirement.  




President Farley recommends that the board of Regents approve this voluntary phased retirement request.





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  Date                                                                             Jerry B. Farley, President


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