Agenda Item No. V. A. 2.

Washburn University Board of Regents



The attached proposal addresses both procedural and policy issues that have become evident with the increased offering of on-line, out-of-sequence and short-term courses. The proposed policy lengthens the 100% refund period by one week to allow for section substitutions, changes prompted by testing and those recommended by advisors. The refund calendar is then more steeply graduated through the refund period. The other change is that each course withdrawal and each course addition are treated as separate transactions.

This policy will become effective Fall Semester 2004.


No negative financial impact is anticipated.


President Farley recommends Board of Regents approval of the Institutional Refund Policy for Course Withdrawals.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President




The University reserves the right to correct clerical errors.

A student permitted to withdraw from a course or courses in an academic session in which he or she is enrolled may be allowed a refund of the University tuition charge for that course or courses. No refunds will be made of the late registration fee or student activity fee unless such charges have been made through an error of the University. In the event some or all of the tuition and fees were paid by some source(s) other than the student, including but not limited to scholarships, grants and Federal Title IV Funds, the first refund amounts will be made payable to those sources. If the student has any unpaid account with the University, any refund due from withdrawal may be applied to such an account. Any amount paid to the University that exceeds tuition and fees paid by these other sources, and any amounts due to the University, shall then be paid to the student.

The first business day after the officially published days of registration constitutes the beginning of the semester for tuition refunds. For courses which are scheduled out of sequence of the regular Fall and Spring Semesters and Summer Session, the day published as the official first class meeting for the course constitutes the beginning of the course for tuition refund purposes, assuming the course is for a term of five or more weeks and is subject to tuition refund.

Institutional refunds are calculated, according to the schedule below, for all students who attend WU and withdraw or reduce the number of hours enrolled.

16 Week Semester 12 Week Session

1st Week 100% 1st Week 100%

2nd Week 100% 2nd Week 50%

3rd Week 50% 3rd Week 30%

4th Week 30% 4th Week 20%

5th Week 20% 5th - 12th Week 0%

6th - 16th Week 0%

8 Week Session 6 Week Session

1st Week 100% 1st Week

2nd Week 50% Day 1-3 100%

3rd - 8th Week 0% Day 4-5 50%

2nd - 6th Week 0%

5 Week Session

1st Week

Day 1-2 100%

Day 3-5 50%

2nd - 5th Week 0%

The refund policy for credit courses that are less than five weeks duration, including Winter Intersession, and more than one day is 100% if the University Registrar's Office receives the official withdrawal notice during business hours prior to the first class session.

These refund schedules apply to each course from which a student withdraws. Withdrawal from a course and enrollment in another course are treated as separate transactions.

This policy becomes effective Fall Semester 2004.

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