Agenda Item No. V. A. 4.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Change Order - Transitional Housing Project


The information below is to assist in the explanation and recommended ratification of Change Order No. 6 for the Transitional Housing Project approved by the Chair of the Washburn University Board of Regents on October 24, 2003.



There was a need to install soffits to hide some of the sprinkler system lines inside the apartments due to the following:

1. Conform to applicable code: the head of the sprinkler system at the breezeway has to be 4" below joists. The structural design called for 2x12 wood joists. Revisions were necessary so the lines could be lowered to the proper height stated in code and not be exposed.

2. Must offset structural member: the shearwall anchorage at various shearwalls prohibit the pipes from running through the walls. The lines had to be offset from the wall to avoid the shearwall anchorage.

These revisions resulted in a total cost:

Contract Add: $15,350.00

Schedule Implications: No Impact due to item being approved by Board Chair in October


The total Contract Revision proposed by CO-06 to date is as follows:

Construction Cost Increase - $15,350.00

Construction Schedule Increase - NO IMPACT

Original construction contingency: $350,892. The total commitment from contingency, including this change order is, $52,212, leaving a $298,680 contingency balance.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents ratify Change Order #06 as detailed above.

_____________________ ________________________

(date Jerry B. Farley, President

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