Agenda Item No. V. B. 6.

Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: FY 2006 Tuition Rates for Allied Health On-line Programs and New Master's of Science in Nursing Program


The on-line programs offered by the School of Applied Studies are Radiation Therapy, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and a Bachelor of Health Science. Since many students enrolled in these programs have their tuition paid by their employers, it is necessary to set the rates early so these employers can incorporate the costs in their FY 06 budgets.

The Board of Regents approved a new degree program of Master's of Science in Nursing to begin Fall Semester 2005. Since this is a new program, advertising materials must be produced as early as possible so interested students can apply for acceptance into the program.


The FY 06 university budget will include the following tuition rates for Allied Health on-line programs:

Radiation Therapy $275 per credit hour

Diagnostic Medical Sonography $210 per credit hour

Bachelor of Health Science $210 per credit hour

NOTE: Bachelor of Health Science students enrolled in on-campus courses will pay the standard undergraduate (resident/non-resident) tuition. Students enrolled in on-line courses will pay the $210 per credit hour rate.

The FY 05 rates were: Radiation Therapy $250 per credit hour; Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Bachelor of Health Science, $190 per credit hour.

The FY 06 university budget will include the following tuition rates for the new MSN program:

Resident $275 per credit hour

Non-resident $495 per credit hour

This is a new program; therefore, there were no rates for FY 05.


President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the FY 2006 tuition rates for the Allied Health on-line programs and the Master's of Science in Nursing as detailed above.

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Jerry Farley, President

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