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Washburn University Board of Regents.



Washburn University has a long history of participation in ROTC programs. Since the early 1980s ROTC programs for Washburn University students have been provided through The University of Kansas and Kansas State University.

ROTC offers unique opportunities for students and Washburn University. The programs offer training and education that may be a part of the leadership program. The U.S. Army and Air Force provide significant financial support for students. The ROTC program offers significant scholarship incentives, assists the University in recruiting students, and has the potential to increase enrollments. Commissioned officers find challenging career opportunities.

The basic ROTC courses have been offered at KU and KSU for a number of years. In many instances military personnel have travelled to Washburn to provide the courses to our students, even though the student enrolled in the course through KU or KSU. With the growth of Washburn ROTC enrollments, the U.S. Army ROTC unit at KU would prefer to simply enroll students in the basic ROTC courses through Washburn. However, there is currently a financial incentive for Washburn students to continue to enroll at KU. The University of Kansas does not charge ROTC students for U.S. Army provided courses. The ROTC provides instructors and course materials producing no cost to KU. (There is a one time $20 administrative fee prior to enrolling in the first ROTC course.) Washburn has no provision for waiving the tuition charge for these one hour courses and thus a student enrolling for MS 101 at Washburn would be charged $103/hour, whereas he would incur no charge at KU.

It is proposed that Washburn University waive the tuition charge for all basic ROTC courses offered at Washburn and provided by the U.S. Armed Services. In the case of Army ROTC these courses are:

MS 101

MS 120

MS 201

MS 220

MS 302

MS 402

In all cases the ROTC unit provides the instruction and all course materials.

Financial Implications:

There is no direct cost to the University and no foregone revenue.

RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends Board of Regents approval of the waiver of the tuition charge for all basic ROTC courses offered at Washburn.

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(date) Jerry B. Farley, President

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