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Washburn University Board of Regents

SUBJECT: Lee Arena Athletic Center

Project No. P-0145

BACKGROUND: Improvements were needed to Lee Arena to protect the integrity of current programs and address the needs of current and future student athletes, coaches, staff, and boosters. The Washburn Athletic Center was designed to effectively impact all aspects of Washburn athletics. At the December 2000 Board meeting, an update on the project was presented and the Board authorized bidding of the proposed project. Bid documents were issued for the project on December 18, 2000. Fundraising efforts to date total $805,000 and additional funds are expected to reach the total fundraising goal of $1,000,000.

DESCRIPTION: Construction bids were received on January 11, 2001 for the Athletic Center located at the North end of Lee Arena. The bids were as follows:

General Construction Base Bid Alt. #1 Total
Kelley Construction $595,000 $16,100 $611,100
Rinner Construction $609,000 $12,000 $621,000
McPherson Contractors $632,000 $9,700 $641,700
Mohan Construction $725,500 $11,850 $737,350
Universal Mech. & Elect. $786,525 $16,000 $802,525
Heartland Seating $104,116
Fire Sprinklers
Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler $11,487

FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: The bids which total $726,703 are within the original project estimate and consistent with the Lee Arena Athletic Center financing plan. There is $1,015,000 currently available for this project: $200,000 University capital improvement funds already pledged and $815,000 of signed pledges which will be paid over a three to five year period. In order to comply with the Kansas cash basis law, the University will cash flow these pledges from University funds.

If a bond issue is subsequently issued for which this project will qualify, it is our intention to refund all or a portion of the $1.2 million allocated for this project from fundraising ($1,000,000) and University capital improvement funds ($200,000).

RECOMMENDATION: President Farley recommends the Board of Regents approve the award of contracts to Kelley Construction for $611,000 (Base bid plus Alt. No. 1), Heartland Seating for $104,116 and Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler for $11,487 for the construction of Lee Arena Athletic Center.

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(Date) Jerry B. Farley, President`

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