January 26, 2001


I. Call to Order

Chairperson Blair called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

II. Roll Call

Present were: Mr. Blair, Mr. Dick, Mr. Engel, Mr. Etzel and Mrs. Parks.

III. Approval of Minutes of December 13, 2000 meeting as mailed

It was moved and seconded to approve the Minutes of the December 13, 2000 meeting as corrected by substituting the word "inclement" for the word "inclimate" in II. of the December 13 meeting Minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Officer Reports

A. Chair's Report

Chairperson Blair had no official report.

B. President's Report

President Farley reported that the Garvey competition for scholarships to be awarded for the 2001-2002 academic year had been completed. 223 students participated in the examination process administered at various communities state-wide. He said there will be a total of $45,000 awarded to the 51 successful finalists. He reported that the highest ten scores state-wide will receive scholarships ranging between $1,600-$2,000 and the four top scores in each of the ten divisions state-wide will receive scholarships in the amount ranging from $500-$800. He said the highest score in the competition was Jamie Joyce who will be a 2001 graduate from El Dorado High School. She will be receiving a $2,000 Garvey Scholarship.

Dr. Farley announced that Howard Jones, the author of a book which provided the historical basis for the script for the 1997 movie "Amistad" will be the speaker at the 2001 Harmon Memorial Lincoln Lecture on February 8 in the Henderson Learning Resources Center. He also said that another author, Tom Ellis, will be doing book signings at Washburn and elsewhere in the area following publication of his novel.

Finally, Dr. Farley announced that the Union ratified new wage proposal which had been ratified by the Board of Regents at its December meeting and payment of the net bonus would be made payable on the 26th.

C. Treasurer's Report

Vice President for Administration and Treasurer, Wanda Hill, first reported that there was a little slowdown in the construction process for the Living/Learning in December due to the inclement weather but that any time lost has been regained.

She reported on the individual items in IV.C.1. through 3. It was moved and seconded to approve agenda items 1. Depository Security Transactions, 2. Liquidated Claims Approval - December 2000, and 3. Public Fund Investments - December. Motion passed unanimously.

Dr. Farley reported that the White Concert Hall project is complete and turned the floor over to the President of the Washburn Endowment Association, Jerry Clevenger, who in turn introduced John Hunter who was the person spearheading the fund raising drive for the project. Mr. Hunter reported there would be a donor reception for those persons who provided contributions for the project from 6:30-7:15 p.m. in the Bradbury Thompson Center and that they then would attend the Topeka Symphony concert in the refurbished hall. He said it is a sell-out performance. He said he visited with some of the musicians as Topeka Symphony Orchestra has been rehearing in the hall and is pleased to have been informed that the facility meets or exceeds their expectations. He said that several of the donors have toured the facility and they are very pleased with the outcome.

Regent Lee arrived at 3:47 p.m.

V. New Business

A. Action Items

1. Phase II Student Housing

President Farley reported that a consultant report had been prepared to provide transitional student housing for students whose first living experience on the campus were either in the Living/Learning Center or the West and Kuehne Hall complexes. The recommendation is for the construction of approximately 200 beds for single students in a complex that would be comprised of suites rather than apartments per se. He said there will be some food preparation possible but there would not be a full-scale kitchen or a dining room facility in them. The issues are location, timing of the project and project financing. He said the recommendation is that the facilities be constructed on the southwest corner of the campus and the financing be through revenue bonds. He said there is adequate resources projected from the occupancy of these units. The proposal would be for the project to be completed in time for occupancy in the fall of 2002.

Regent Wagnon arrived at 4:00 p.m.

It was moved and seconded to approve agenda item V.A.1.

In response to questioning from Regent Parks, Dr. Farley reported that the proposal for the transitional student housing is that it be for single students. rather than families, and intended primarily for upper division students. He said it is the intent that freshmen students be centered in the Living/Learning Center, West and Kuehne residential halls.

Regent Dick, chair of the Housing Committee, reported that the reason for the way that the project is structured, as a facility intended for single, traditional students, is that the survey conducted several years ago indicated that the unmet demand for campus housing is 90% for single students.


There followed some discussion about the proposed size of the project of 200 beds. Regents Engel and Lee both expressed concern about the number of students who would want to live in such housing as it is still unknown whether the Living/Learning Center will be fully occupied and Regent Wagnon expressed concern whether the project is the right size, particularly in light of the proposed $6 million debt financing for construction of the project.

In response to a question, the Vice President for Student Life, Denise Ottinger, reported that her office has received 188 requests for information concerning the Living/Learning Center. She said a draft brochure on the facility is to be released shortly and contracts will go out to prospective students in February.

In response to a query from Regent Lee, President Farley indicated that the University would have more than adequate revenue to pay the debt financing and operating costs based upon current projections of $400/month per students at 95% occupancy.

In response to another query about the location of the facility, Dr. Farley said there were three possible locations mentioned. One was the site where the practice football fields are located just south of Henderson Learning Resources Center, the second was the site where Washburn Terrace Apartments are located, and the third is the area south of KTWU in the southwest corner of the campus. Dr. Farley said the thinking presently is to incorporate the proposed water feature shown in the master plan in the southwest portion of the campus and build this housing complex around the water feature. He said the construction period for the project is projected to be approximately ten months were the Board to authorize the administration to negotiate a contract with an architect that would take us down to the May-June period to receive bids with construction to begin in July-August. He said the debt financing could be structured to be able to recover architectural fees incurred at the front end of the project.

Chairperson Blair pointed out that the authorization of negotiation of a contract for the architect would have a contract in three or four phases with the construction phase being the final phase. He said it would be possible to stop the project at any point along the phases.

Chairperson Blair noted that the time of the meeting is short and there is a good deal left on the agenda and suggested, without objection, the Board of Regents take up the item at its meeting on the morning of January 27 at approximately 11:00 a.m. Without objection, it was so ordered.

2. Award of Contract for Memorial Student Union Renovation

It was moved and seconded to approve the award of a contract to McPherson Contractors for the base bid and selected alternates in the amount of $1,912,200. Chairperson Blair recognized John Hunter from the Washburn Endowment Association who made a brief presentation on the process for fund raising for the second phase of the Memorial Union project.


Mr. Hunter reported that the issue in fund raising is to narrow down the number of persons whom you can reasonably contact for such a project. He said he began with the notion that we would look at a group of students who attended the University from 1960 through the 1990s. He said Duke Divine, Tom Ellis and Kathy Reser went through the yearbooks for those periods of time, identifying students. This process initially resulted in identification of individuals who might be able to provide a contribution of $25,000 and up and who were involved in Union activities in their attendance at the University. In the three month selection process, they narrowed the list down to 217 names and the first 50 of those have been reviewed by all the fund raising entities on the campus to see who's on who's list. He said he will begin contacting individuals on Monday, January 29. He said the renovation has been featured in the recent issue of the Alumni Magazine, in local media and in a letter to select persons from President Farley.

Motion passed unanimously.

3. Award of Contract for Living Learning Center, Stauffer Commons, and Memorial Student Union Furniture and Fixtures

It was moved and seconded to approve award of a contract recommended by the administration for furniture and fixtures for the Living/Learning Center, Stauffer Commons and Memorial Student Union. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents, contracts awarded: in the amount of $337,887.88 was awarded to Spaces, Inc. for packages #1, 4, 5, 6 and 11; to CDG in the amount of $296,574.70 for packages #2, 3 and 10; to E & I in the amount of $110,401.66 for package #9; and, to Abbey-Simmons in the amount of $25,333 for package #7. The total of all contracts awarded = $770,187.24.

4. FY 2002 Budget Guidelines

Regent Dick, as chair of the Budget/Finance Committee, reported that the Budget/Finance Committee had several meetings to discuss pay issues with members of the faculty and staff and most recently a meeting January 5 to determine how base pay should be determined. He reported that the external surveys of faculty and staff indicate that salaries for faculty and staff at Washburn lag behind comparable educational institutions by about 10% and that, while we have implemented a program to catch up, others have continued to increase so that there were a couple years when we did well in comparison and less well in others. He said last year, by way of example, we caught up a little and intend to close the gap another 2-3% this year. He said the plan is to help ensure that the University is able to attract and retain our key resources, faculty and staff. He said there was discussion about the tuition and fee structure in a move towards a stronger fee basis approach rather than a tuition base, to make Washburn University perceptively more competitive. He says when you do an apples-to-apples comparison between Washburn and the Regents' institutions, you'll find that the Regents' institutions have a relatively low tuition base and a high fee base, whereas ours is a relatively high tuition base and a nearly no fee base. He said the committee is not recommending a change in that policy for this year, but will continue to study that.


President Farley reported that the institution will have the adequate resources to implement the proposed salary program. He said the recommendation is for a $3 per credit hour tuition increase, noting that each dollar tuition increase generates approximately $125,000-$128,000, and include approximately $1.5 million in new state aid. He reviewed the proposed guidelines for the salary wage proposal circulated to the Board at the meeting. He noted that those in Tier 0 will receive no increase and a performance improvement plan implemented to enable the individual to perform satisfactorily. Tier 1 is for those persons meeting minimal expectations. This category will receive a pay increase of 1.5% to the base wage or salary. Tier 2 is comprised of persons whose performance meet or exceed performance expectations. These persons will receive a pay increase to a base wage or salary of 3.4%. Tier 3 is peer performance driven and pay increases will be based on incremental dollar values rather than percentages and that there will be a meaningful differentiation between levels within units. He said the proposed wage performance pay proposal is for $2.02 million including the cost of fringe benefits. He pointed out that the Governor of the State of Kansas recently changed the State Civil Service pay plan, eliminating the first three steps of the salary plan. He said that would cost approximately $160,000 and that there are gaps in pay based on market to be corrected of about $40,000 bringing the total pay proposal package to $2.2 million.

It was moved and seconded to approve the Washburn University Budget Guidelines report dated January 23, 2001. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Expansion of the Distance Learning Radiation Therapy Program

It was moved and seconded to approve the implementation of the Radiation Therapy Expansion Program outlined in agenda item V.A.5.

Chairperson Blair recognized Dr. Willie Dunlap, Dean of the School of Applied Studies. Dr. Dunlap reported that this is the 14th year that the Radiation Therapy Program has been in operation and that the program has operated with capped enrollment of 25 students per year. He said there has been a significant increase in the Radiation Therapy Program as the program has been contacted repeatedly by oncology centers across the country who would like to be able to participate. He said the School would like to double the size of the program from 25 students to 50 students per year and the addition one faculty member. Dr. Farley complimented Kathy Frye, who has been the director of the Radiation Therapy Program, for the success of the program. Professor Frye, in response to questions, indicated that the pass rate for the registry examination for persons completing the program is 96%, a very high pass rate.

Motion passed unanimously.

It was moved and seconded to approve agenda items V.A.6. and the Consent Agenda. Motion passed unanimously.

As approved by the Board of Regents:

6. Request for Proposal - Annual Audit Services for Washburn University

the awarding of a contract for audit services to Berberich Trahan & Co., P.A. effective for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001;


B. Consent Agenda

1. Expenditures over $25,000

a. Purchase of a Firearms Training Simulator

award of a contract to FATS, Inc. for the purchase of a Firearms Training Simulator for the total sum of $44,000;

b. Lee Arena Athletic Center Project No. P-0145

award of contracts to Kelly Construction for $611,000 (Base bid plus Alt. No. 1), Heartland Seating for $104,116, and Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler for $11,487 for construction of Lee Arena Athletic Center;

c. Donor-based Renovation of the Washburn University School of Law Courtroom

approval to upgrade and equip Robinson Courtroom in the School of Law with state-of-the-art technology as outlined in the agenda item. The entire project cost is estimated at $270,000 and all funding for the renovation has been pledged and will be paid at the time of the award of the contract. Bids have been solicited and will be presented to the Board at its March meeting;

d. Modification and replacement of fire alarm system Project No. P-9809

award of contracts to DAvin Electric for $23,2300 and Simplex Time Records for $36,880 to make modification and replacement of the fire alarm system in Stoffer, and approval of a change order to Torgeson Electric Company for $44,346.22 to provide fiber line from Morgan Hall to the LLC for fire alarm networking and alarm control panel;

2. Personnel

a. Personnel Actions - Administrative Staff

appointment of: Andrelino Cardoso as Assistant Director of Dining Services at an annual saoary of $36,608, Iris P. Gonzalez, M. D. as Director of Student Health Services at an annual salary of $95,000; and, salary increase for Denise Ottinger, Vice President for Student Life, of $5,000;

b. Administrative Staff

hire Vicki Smith as TRIO Grant Professional Mentor in the College of Arts and Sciences at an annual salary of $8,855.00;

c. Faculty Personnel

grant Carl Monk an additional four years leave of absence beginning August 1, 2002 through July 31, 2006;

d. Faculty Personnel

hire John Kratina on a non-tenure track appointment for Spring 2001 semester as an instructor in the Department of Allied Health at an annual basic salary of $19,000; and, change Joan Denny from 1/2 to 3/4 time contract as instructor in the School of Nursing effective January 2001;

e. Academic Sabbaticals - 2001-2002

approve academic sabbaticals as follows: Professor Thomas F. Averill for Fall 2001; Associate Professor Ricky J. Barker for Spring 2002; Professor David A. Freeman for Fall 2001; Associate Professor Judith McConnell for Spring 2002; Professor Virginia D. Pruitt for Fall 2001; Professor Sheila Reynolds for Spring 2002; Professor William J. Rich for Fall 2001; Professor Sara W. Tucker for Spring 2002; and, Dean James M. Concannon for AY 2001-2002.

3. Ratification of Renewal of Insurance Policies

purchase of insurance policies for FY 2001 for the University as follows: Package Policy - United Educators in the amount of $113,742; Excess Indemnity Policy (Umbrella)-United Educators for $25,043; Auto Liability/Comprehensive/Colission-United Educators for $11,992; Non-Owned Aircraft Liability for $5,434; Boiler Machinery Policy-Hartford Steam Boiler for $8,065; Workers Compensation-Fireman's Fund for $158,041; Fine Arts Floater-St. Paul Insurance for $6,268; Educator Legal Liability-United Educators for $29,150; Student Professional Liability Policy-CNA Insurance Co. for $7,878; and, Comprehensive Blanket Fidelity Bond-Hartford Insurance for $5,447, for a total of $371,060.


4. KTWU Audit Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2000

approval of the KTWU Audit Report for the year ended June 30, 2000.

It was moved and seconded to recess the meeting until 11:00 a.m. January 27, 2001 and reconvene as a Board of Regents at that time in the Bradbury Thompson Center. Motion passed. The Board recessed at 5:29 p.m.

At 11:10 a.m. Saturday, January 27, 2001 the Board of Regents reconvened in the Bradbury Thompson Center to return to discussion of the item V.A.1. of its Business Agenda from its January 26, 2001 meeting.

Chairperson Blair rephrased the issue carried over from the Friday meeting as whether the University should hire an architect for Phase II of Student Housing so that, ultimately, it could get a facility in place for students moving out of the Living/Learning Center after their first year.

Regent Etzel reiterated that, with a project of this magnitude, it is important that the decision to proceed be unanimous and moved that the Board approve the hiring of an architect to proceed in stages with the development of plans for Phase II Student Housing. In making his motion, he added the caveat that the Minutes must reflect strong concerns of the need for evidence of demand for such housing before it proceeds to construction. Seconded.

Regent Engel added that the other caveat implied in adoption of the motion is that the University is not committed, by approving the hiring of an architect, to open Phase II housing for students in the fall 2002. He said the University needs input from the stakeholders, students living in the Living/Learning Center, that the type of housing proposed is the type desired.

Regent Wagnon added that part of the discussion over the next several months concerning Phase II Student Housing are serious discussions of the capacity, the number of beds for students.

Chairperson Blair indicated that when negotiations are conducted with the architects that there be direction about how the project could be phased, by example, starting with an initial 100 beds increasing to 200.

Regent Dick indicated his agreement with the proposal, but asked that the events of the past 18 months which led to the perceived need for this new facility be summarized for the Board at its next meeting.

Motion passed unanimously.

The Board of Regents adjourned its Business Meeting at 11:25 a.m.


Kenneth P. Hackler

Secretary, Board of Regents


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