BOARD OF REGENTS
                             February 14, 1996

I. Chairperson Roth called the meeting to order at 2:12 p.m. in the Club I room, Topeka
   Country Club, Topeka, Kansas.

II.   Present were:  Mr. Dick, Mayor Felker, Mr. Maag, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Porter and Mr.

It was moved and seconded to recess to Executive Session in Club I, Topeka Country
Club, until 2:50 p.m. for the purpose of discussing a personnel matter involving non-
elected personnel and to reconvene in open session in Club I at 2:50 p.m.  Motion passed.

At 2:50 p.m. the Board reconvened in open session.  No action was taken.  The Board of
Regents then took a short recess.

At 3:04 p.m. the Board of Regents reconvened in open session in Club II of the Topeka
Country Club, Topeka, Kansas.

III.  It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the January 20, 1996 and
      January 31, 1996 meetings as circulated.  Motion passed.

IV.   Old Business

   A. Student Housing Project

      President Thompson reported that an ad hoc housing committee has been formed. 
      Chaired by Dr. Sheley, and including on its membership Vice President Mosiman,
      Ms. Vogel, Mr. Dickes and Mr. Kidd, the committee is to make recommendations
      with respect to housing on the University's campus.  President Thompson
      indicated that the University does need to come into focus about the use of
      Kuehne, West and Carruth Halls and with the family student housing.  He said
      that after some discussion with the Board Chair, he believed there should be
      others added to the committee from the community who are interested in
      Washburn but not interested in participating in development of housing projects
      either on or off the campus.  He said that Mr. Ron Robb has consented to serve
      on the committee.  He said the committee will be coming back with specific
      recommendations with respect to existing and future housing on the campus.  He
      said the report is to be to him by April 11.

      The Board Chair recognized Grigory Vorontsov, who is a resident of the University's
      family student housing.  Mr. Vorontsov reported that residents of the University's
      family housing units are concerned as they recently received a letter from the
      University's Business Manager, Harold Holden.  They were previously unaware that
      there were discussions ongoing which might affect the University's family housing
      units.  He said it's not clear what's going to happen and there is concern that all
      families will be moved out of the family housing units and that there will be no more
      such housing on the University's campus and that, as a consequence, single parents
      will be unable to go to school.  Mr. Vorontsov circulated to members of the Board of
      Regents a letter which he had prepared.

      Chairperson Roth reported the Board wants to examine the issue and that no decision
      has been made whether to include or exclude the current family student housing
      units in any proposal but that the Board will be taking the time to look at the
      recommendations of the administration.

      Chairperson Roth recognized Edwin Carpenter, who is counsel for Mr. Jerry Wittmer. 
      Mr. Carpenter said it was clear following the special meeting in January that the
      proposal from Mr. Wittmer as initially presented had not been considered carefully
      by everyone and that there wasn't a clear policy or consensus about what should be
      done.  He said it is unfortunate his client, Jerry Wittmer, is a lightening rod in this
      matter.  He said that Mr. Wittmer is ready to explore options for the International
      Center for the institution, that's what he wants to focus on, and that he stands
      ready to assist in any manner that he can.  Mr. Carpenter said, however, that "you
      all have to tell us what you want and set parameters" for any proposal.  Regent Dick
      concurred that it is unfortunate that Mr. Wittmer has become the lightening rod and
      asked that Mr. Carpenter convey his thanks for taking on this role and extended to
      Mr. Wittmer his apologies for his becoming a lightening rod.

Mr. Maag departed the meeting at 3:20 p.m.

IV.   New Business

   A. Proposed Changes in University Payment of Health and Life Insurance Programs
      While an Employee is on an Official Unpaid Leave of Absence

      It was moved and seconded to approve the changes in the policy as presented in the
      agenda item.  Motion passed unanimously.

   B. Request for Funds from Washburn Endowment Assn. (WEA)

      It was moved and seconded to authorize President Thompson to request $62,000
      under the WEA's total return concept to purchase computer equipment to upgrade
      the AS400 as requested.  Motion passed unanimously.

   C. Sculpture Exhibition

      President Thompson outlined briefly a proposal presented by his Campus
      Beautification Committee for an annual competition for placement of up to ten (10)
      outdoor sculptures on the University's campus.  He introduced Mr. Greg Inkman,
      who is a student representative on the Campus Beautification Committee, who
      briefly outlined how entries for the competition would be solicited and where these
      would be directed.  It was moved and seconded to endorse the Washburn University
      Sculpture Exhibition as outlined in the agenda item.  Motion passed.

   D. Purchases over $25,000

      1. Distance Learning Classroom Equipment Purchase

         It was moved and seconded to authorize the administration to purchase a
         distance learning classroom system from Cytek Media Systems INC in the
         amount of $66,861.00.  Motion passed unanimously.

         System to be comprised of:    2 Sony DXC-930 Cameras; 2 Sony Wide Angle
         Lens W/Pre Set; 2 Sony Power Supplies for Camera Lens; 2 Sony Remote
         Control Cables; 2 Custom Wall Mounts for Camera; 2 Q-Link (APT-3DCP2) Pan-
         Tilt with Pre-Sets; 1 Sony VID-P100 Overhead Camera; 1 Q-Link Control
         System; 12 Beyer Dynamic MTS320 P/T Push to Talk Microphones; 1 Audio
         Tech AT-ML 16" Gooseneck Microphone; 1 Shure SC1484 Wireless Microphone;
         1 Shure RA Rack Mount for Wireless Receiver; 1 Toa A903MKII Mixer with Rack
         Mount Adapter; 1 Toa A903MKII Mixer Amplifier with Rack Mount Adapter; 4
         Toa U01R Amp Input Modules; 2 Toa F155G Speakers; 2 Toa WCB10 Wall
         Brackets; 2 Shure 810 Auto Mixers and Rack Mount Kit; 1 Gentner GT7000
         Echo Cancellor and Rack Mount Kit; 4 Hitachi 27CX3B 27" TV Monitors; 1 Scan-
         It Scan Converter; 4 Hitachi 27CX3B TV Monitors; 8 Advance Custom Mounts
         27X; 2 Strut Mounts for Ceiling Mounts; 1 Z-link PIP; 2 Sierra 82V 8X2 Routers
         with RS-232 Control; 1 Q-Link Router for Video Recorder; 1 Kramer 4X4 Router;
         6 Sigma Video DA/ 1 Panasonic PV-4514 W RS-232 Rec/Play; 1 Xantech
         Wireless Remote; 1 Atlas 72 Rack for Equipment; 6 Atlas 3-19R Shelvevs; 1
         Atlas AC Strip for Rack; 1 Pioneer CLDV-2600ML Laser Player W Barcode; 1
         Elmo TR-35 35MM Slice to Video; 1 Muratec 4500 Plain Paper Fax; 1
         Sony(Sansui) Remote Control Caassette Deck; 1 Computer with 14" Color
         Monitor; 1 Custom Teachers Station; and, 1 Installation & Set Up.

   E. Financial Reports

      1. Depository Security Transactions, and   2.  Public Fund Investments

         It was moved and seconded to approve the Depository Security Transactions and
         Public Fund Investments reported in agenda items V.E.1. and V.E.2.  Motion
         passed unanimously.

*  Karlyle Woods Biological Field Station; Sewer Participation

   It was moved and seconded to approve the proposed sewer participation agreement set
   forth in the agenda item.  Motion passed unanimously.

*  Washburn Retirees; State taxation of retirement income

   It was moved and seconded to adopt a resolution supporting the enactment of legislation
   excluding from state income taxation the income received by participants of the
   University's retirement plan as set forth in the agenda item.  Motion passed unanimously.


      WHEREAS, the income by retirees of public employers in the state of Kansas, such
   as cities, counties, unified school districts, and the Kansas Board of Regents, is excluded
   from Kansas income taxation; and

      WHEREAS, the income received by retirees of Washburn University of Topeka, a
   taxing subdivision of the state of Kansas, under the University's retirement plan is not
   so excluded from state income taxation;

      WHEREAS, the Washburn University of Topeka Board of Regents believes that the
   income received through Kansas public employer retirement plans, on the basis of
   fundamental fairness, should be treated in the same manner; 

      WHEREAS, legislation has been introduced in the 1996 session and assigned to the
   Senate Ways and Means Committee which, if enacted would place Washburn retirees in
   the same position as retirees from the Kansas Regents institutions;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Regents that it support the
   introduction and passage of legislation in the 1996 Kansas Legislature to amend current
   Kansas Income Tax law to exclude from an individual's Kansas adjusted gross income the
   amount of income received as annuities or other retirement benefits by such individuals
   from the University's retirement plan; and that this Resolution be forwarded to the
   Chairperson of the Kansas Senate Ways and Means Committee and members of the
   Shawnee County Legislative Delegation.

                                       WASHBURN UNIVERSITY OF TOPEKA BOARD OF REGENTS

                                       James, Roth, Chairperson

      This will certify that the foregoing Resolution was adopted by the Washburn
   University of Topeka Board of Regents at its meeting February 14, 1996.

                                       Kenneth P. Hackler, Secretary to the Board  

*  Proposal to Increase Endowment Amount from $5,000 to $15,000

   It was moved and seconded to establish a new minimum amount of $15,000 for the
   establishment of an endowment fund at Washburn University of Topeka effective July 1,
   1996.  Motion passed unanimously.

*  National Collegiate Athletic Association:  1996 NCAA Division II Women's Basketball

   It was moved and seconded to authorize the administration to submit a bid to the
   National Collegiate Athletic Association for hosting the regional championships for
   Division II women's basketball on the University's campus March 7-10, 1996 as set forth
   in the pass-out to the Board.  Motion passed unanimously.

* Item(s) added at the meeting with the consent of the Board.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn.  The meeting of the Washburn University Board of
Regents adjourned at 3:42 p.m.
      Kenneth P. Hackler
      Secretary, Board of Regents

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